Colin Cowherd breaks down the latest CFB Playoff Rankings

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Going into Week 14, Colin Cowherd reacts to the latest College Football Playoff rankings and has some bad news for Ohio State Buckeyes fans.

- The college football playoff rankings came out last night, and they told you what their belief system is. The SEC had a number two, a number five, and a number 16.

In fact, six of the top seven teams, Wisconsin, the only exception, recruit southern high school football players. What the committee is telling you is the south and the southern region has the best college football. That is their belief system.

How do I know that? Because Auburn has two losses and is ranked ahead of Wisconsin with none.

They also told you another really important thing. And I hate to break it to you, Buckeyes, but you cannot overcome a horrible loss. And losing by 30 to Iowa, a team that two weeks later got crushed at home by Purdue, will keep Ohio State out of this.

The committee has no problem with you losing. That is the singular, unforgivable loss. Ohio State at 8 will not get into the playoff. They will not.

In fact, we have a precedent here. You can argue. You can go to a message board. But in the history of this committee, in the history of it, no team has ever gone from outside of the top five into the top four, and they're eight.

The committee doesn't have a problem with you losing. Clemson's number one, and they lost on the road to average Syracuse. But they had an excuse. The quarterback was missing.

The committee doesn't mind that Auburn lost twice. Why? Who did they lose to? The feeling is quality teams. Oklahoma lost. They're not punished. Alabama lost. They're not punished.

But Ohio State may pass the eyeball test. That loss at Iowa to the committee is going to keep the Buckeyes out. People will tell you Ohio State can get in. But even if Ohio State beats Wisconsin, the committee is telling you we have Wisconsin in the four, but they're our least favorite.

We've got two-loss Auburn ahead of no-loss Wisconsin, meaning if Ohio State beats Wisconsin, they're going to drop Wisconsin 6, 7 spots. And it won't look as impressive as a win.

And by the way, the committee also did something very smart, actually. That one thing they didn't want to get trapped with, the one argument they didn't want is Bama with one loss and Ohio State with two, who gets in? Bama is five. Ohio State's eight.

The belief system is the SEC is better. Ohio State is not getting in. And all Alabama needs, all Alabama really needs, look at it. They're right there on the doorstep.

If Georgia beats Auburn, the committee's telling you, we're putting in an SEC team. So they gave you their belief system. You can argue it all day long.

They're telling you, in fact, that a two-loss Clemson team now at number one is better than a two-loss Ohio State team at number eight.

So Clemson can lose to Miami. As long as it's reasonable, they'll remain above Ohio State.