Colin Cowherd on Mike Gundy’s potential fit with the Vols

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Colin Cowherd talks Mike Gundy. Would the Oklahoma State head coach be a good fit in Tennessee?

COLIN COWHERD: The word today, a breaking story, is that Mike Gundy, the coach of Oklahoma State, is now interviewing in Dallas.

I'm going to tell you why this is viable. Gundy's a really good coach, terrific offensively. Gundy, this year, had a 3 and 1/2 year starter at quarterback, had the easiest schedule he's ever had. They should have been in the Big 12 Championship game, and he didn't get there.

He's got the best wide receiver in the country, I believe. This was the year for Mike Gundy to win at Oklahoma State. T Boone Pickens, they're like Oregon. Phil Knight runs Oregon. T Boone Pickens runs the program.

This was their year. They've got great facilities. They've got an NFL quarterback. They had the best receiver. They had a completely workable schedule. And yet, Oklahoma that had to go to Ohio State, Oklahoma had a much tougher schedule. And once again, Oklahoma, their arrival, ended up in the Big 12 Championship.

Not a good look for Gundy. This industry is all about survival. You can make an argument it is a perfect time for Mike Gundy to break out, reboot at Tennessee. He's a good coach. This would be a really good hire.

This was the year at Oklahoma State, and they underachieved. Don't be shocked if he parachutes to Knoxville, which is a nice place to live.