Colin reveals what a comeback to the gridiron this season would do to Aaron Rodgers’ legacy

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Colin Cowherd reveals what a comeback to the gridiron this season would do to Aaron Rodgers' legacy.

- So Aaron Rodgers, with virtually no chance to get to the playoffs-- let's be honest. Green Bay has no shot. Loosing to Baltimore and Pittsburgh, won those games different, lost both, done. I mean, they would need Seattle, New Orleans, and Atlanta to all collapse and Atlanta and New Orleans play each other twice. They would need, like, three teams to collapse. It's not going to happen.

Here comes Aaron Rodgers, back into the fold, practicing. You see him on TV. Why? He doesn't need this game to get the Packers back in the playoffs. They're not going to make the playoffs.

He doesn't need this game for stats. He's going to be one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time. He already has the number one all-time passer rating in the history of the league. He has the all-time number one team TD-to-interception ratio in the history the league. He's one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time. Never needs to win another Super Bowl. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Aaron Rodgers, top 10 quarterback of all time. Couldn't give a rip if he ever gets to the Super Bowl again. He's in the club. So he doesn't need to come back for that.

He doesn't need to come back to help the Packers because they have virtually no chance to make the playoffs. They'd need three teams to collapse. And Seattle, New Orleans, and Atlanta aren't all simultaneously collapsing. By the way, I think New Orleans could end up in the NFC Championship. They're that good.

Why is he doing this? Because guys keep score. It's a legacy play. Who played in Green Bay? Who is Aaron Rodgers in the shadow of? Brett Favre, the great, lovable, American cowboy/quarterback who never missed a game. Aaron Rodgers dates Hollywood girls. He's a Cali guy. He wants to show you-- nah, I can dislocate my shoulder, break it. I'm back two months later.

Think about the two people-- and don't kid yourself. All these guys-- Brady was chasing Manning and then Montana. Marino was chasing Elway. Big Ben was chasing Bradshaw. Young was chasing Montana. Andrew Luck is chasing Manning. Dak is chasing Romo. OK? That's the way the game works. To be as great as these guys in their professional careers, A, they keep score, and they find somebody, and they chase them.

Brett Favre casts a darn big shadow. As great as Aaron Rodgers is-- and I've said this before. If you made me choose Favre and Aaron, I'd choose Aaron. I think he's a more cerebral player at the line of scrimmage. I'm not as big a fan of gunslinging, making it up as you go. There's a part of play for that, but I'm more Aaron than Favre in terms of all-time. I think I get a little better pre-snap at the line of scrimmage with Aaron. I'd probably take him narrowly over Brett Favre.

This is a legacy play. There's no reason to come back. Why risk injury? Teams not going to the playoffs. It's not going to hurt you all-time.

If he replaced Drew Stanton, a backup, Andy Dalton, he wouldn't have to come back. This is the power of the Peyton Mannings. It's the power of the Brett Favres. It is the power of the Joe Montanas. It is the power of Michael Jordans. It's the power of the Derek Jeters. They cast a big shadow, man. And this is Aaron Rodgers, California guy, Hollywood models-- hey, I'm tough.

Who are the two quarterbacks-- who are the two quarterbacks that Aaron Rodgers is chasing? OK, Brett Favre never missed a game, toughest guy ever, superhuman. He used that word, "superhuman." And Tom Brady, 40 years old, by far and away, statistically best year, superhuman. Aaron's never going to duplicate Brady in Super Bowls. And he's never going to have that extended streak play, never-miss-a-game, as Brett Favre.

What is Aaron Rodgers to this point? What is his brand? Hail Marys, Jared Cook throw, makes that run last year. It's superhuman stuff. This adds to his legacy. He's never going to equal Brady there. Never going to equal Favre in the consecutive game streak. But this, for a guy that keeps score-- don't kid yourself. For a guy that is an all-timer, chasing people, trying to surpass people, this is what this is about.

It's not a criticism. This is what LeBron does with MJ. It's what Tom did with Peyton. It's what Young did with Montana. It's what Big Ben does with Bradshaw. It's what Romo did to Aikman. And it's what Dak's doing to Romo. It's not a criticism. But it is the reality of super successful, driven men in highly competitive fields. They keep score.