It took three weeks, but LeBron has figured this year’s Cavaliers out

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Colin Cowherd offers up his take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after Thanksgiving weekend.

- I mean, from Wednesday, I got home at about 2:30. Until this morning, I watched a lot of sports. I caught up on stuff.

OK, let me get let me go to a basic principle but before I talk about LeBron. I said this earlier. It's really hard to be great at anything.

There's just not a lot of great anything. Anybody that owns a business listening to me, how hard is it to find another great employee? It's hard.

I've got buddies that own businesses. It's hard to be great. And once you're great, be picky.

People have to earn the right to work with you, be your teammate, be your coworker, or be your boss. Be picky. Say no.

Demand quality. If you work hard, you have a right to say, no, do better. They'll call you a snob.

They'll call you aloof. Don't worry about it. I'd rather be a snob and aloof than lower my standards.

So I'm watching the Calves this weekend. They've won seven straight. They're a three seed in the East.

Once again, LeBron's handled a bunch of stuff, a ton of moving parts. It takes him three weeks. He figures it out.

They don't even have Isaiah Thomas yet, and he's going to be their second leading scorer. They're going to be in the Eastern Conference finals. Every game they've played a playoff team, they're winning.

They struggled against crappy teams. It took them a month to get their act together. What a shock-- LeBron did.

By the way, Kyrie's been unleashed in Boston. Have you seen LeBron's clutch numbers since that break up? They're the best of his career.

LeBron's field goal percentage-- best of his career. Three point percentage-- best of his career. Free throw percentage until two nights ago-- best in his career.

He's having the best clutch numbers of his career. He's having the best shooting year of his career. And I'm watching him play.

This guy's in his 15th year. He's still not only the best player in the league-- he's the most valuable. He's the best. He can do more things well.

Once again, they throw a bunch of moving parts at him and he just figures it out in a month. It takes coaches mostly longer than a month to figure it out. It takes LeBron three weeks.

And I'm watching this and I'm thinking of myself, the Lakers don't deserve him. They don't deserve him. The Lakers have had five coaches in seven years.

They gave Luol Deng and Mozgov horrible contracts. They didn't do their homework. Like, I like Kyle Kuzma, but Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, minimum are a year away, probably two

The Lakers don't deserve him. They're not close. They're not close.

They haven't shown the kind of ownership, guidance, dependability, and star power that's worthy of LeBron James. I was hoping it would be fun because LeBron would be in my hometown, and I do think there's a lot of tentacles to this to where LA makes sense. LeBron James is too good for the Lakers.

By the way, I think it would be fascinating to watch him play with Porzingis in New York. James Dolan hasn't earned the right to LeBron James. LeBron is not only the best player in the year in year 15-- think about this.

Jordan was out of the league by now. Michael's not only out of the league, he is not fading. In his 15th year, he is still easily the best player in the year-- in the league. Three years ago, you told me, hey, Anthony Davis going to wreck this league.

Crickets-- never won a playoff series. Six years ago, you told me Blake Griffin is going to wreck this league. Crickets-- he can't lead a team. A year ago, you told me Giannis is going to wreck this league.

He can't shoot. There's nobody even close to this guy in the league. A it's hard to be great, and B, when you are, don't worry if people call you a snob.

Don't worry if they call you aloof. If you have worked as hard as LeBron to be this transformative for a decade and a half, you don't give your services. You don't give your services to a two star hotel.

You don't fly in the back of the plane. This is America. This is America where if you rise, you then-- better travel, better food, better medical, better companies, better support, better marketing, better teammate, better owner, better GM. Stay in Cleveland, let stars come to you.