Superman didn’t worry about jaywalking, just like LeBron doesn’t worry about the Pistons

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Colin Cowherd talks Lebron James after the Cavaliers beat the Detroit Pistons on Monday.

- So LeBron last night, played 27 minutes, 16 points in the first quarter, only scored a bucket the rest of the way. You know, he's figured out, let's just dispose of these teams and get me rest. Tyronn Lue, whenever LeBron plays 25, 27, 28 minutes-- and it should be noted, LeBron turns 33 next month. Came into the night, once again leading the NBA in both total minutes played and minutes per game, like last year, the year before, the year before, the year before, the year before, the year before, the year before, not to mention, he plays all those playoff minutes. But Tyronn Lue pushed back this time on the people saying, oh, LeBron only played 27 minutes. Here he is.

- Yeah. I hear about that all the time, but I played with Michael Jordan. He was 39. He played 37 minutes a night. Karl Malone was 37, played 38 minutes a night. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe. So you know, everybody's built different, and if you're, you know, one of the greats, you know, sometimes you've got to play, sometimes you get rest, like tonight.

- Let me ask you this. Did Superman-- you do realize, Superman lived in that city, Metropolis. They didn't have a zero crime rate. They still had petty theft. They still had jaywalking. They still had loitering. Superman didn't worry about those. Those were the Detroit Pistons. Superman worried about a meteor headed to Earth, a bus about to fall off a bridge, a burning building with hundreds of employees in it, that's the Boston Celtics.

You do realize in baseball, pitchers only play every fifth day, don't play an entire game, have pitch counts, and then teams, late in the season, put them on the IR to rest. You do realize, when you call for a dentist or a doctor, oh, they're only working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday this week. You do realize, the more successful people become, the fewer hours they generally work, but they work the more important hours. Folks, you don't ask Superman to worry about jaywalking. You don't ask LeBron James to worry about Detroit, Denver. You don't worry about those games.