Terry Bradshaw likes a lot about Baker Mayfield but believes he has ‘a little bit of smart-(expletive) in him’

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Terry Bradshaw joins Colin Cowherd to talk Baker Mayfield's actions vs the Kansas Jayhawks this weekend.

- OK, so this weekend we're talking about college quarterbacks. You know, you like-- you know, you've got Baker Mayfield down there. He's got a lot of Terry Bradshaw in him. But I saw him grab his crotch, and I didn't like that at all.

TERRY BRADSHAW: No, I didn't like that.

- What do you make of the Baker Mayfield kid? By the way, Manziel did a lot of that garbage.


- I mean, I'm sorry Terry. What do you-- -

- He's always been like this. Manziel was always like that. Cam Newton would run to the end zone, and Cam was Cam. And, you know, we finally accepted all of this behavior. But I think it's, you know, a character thing. And you have to be aware of that. If you get him, and you might get some of this. And that's not a good thing. He apologized, but he only apologized when everybody got on to him and said, hey, you got to go out there and apologize.

COLIN COWHERD: That's right.

- It's a childish thing, and it's an immature thing. And it'll hurt him. It's gonna to hurt him. Definitely gonna hurt him. Now, let's take that aside, there's a lot about him I like.


- Oh man. He's a competitor. He's got all that moxie. He's got that football ability. Stuff you like. Matter of fact, we were watching him, Jimmy and I. And we were sitting here thinking of the teams he could really help. You know, this guy could handle Cleveland.


- He's got that-- he is a fighter. He is a gritty guy that hates to lose. You can see it in the way he's playing. He's just dynamic.

COLIN COWHERD: He's tough.

- And he's strong, and he's got a great arm. But to me, he's got a little bit of smart ass in him.


- And I don't like those kind of players. -

COLIN COWHERD: Neither do I.

- I don't like them, you know what. I didn't like Cam Newton when he was doing all that stuff and, and Johnny Manziel I couldn't stand.


- And I've come around to Cam because I'm 69, and these are kids. And so I've had to-- I had to adjust.

You You know, Cam's also-- I mean, there's not a lot of guys that can throw it like Cam. At some point you just kind of go, OK, the guy's a ridiculous talent.

- It's like, if Cam Newton walked in here right now in his uniform, you'd go, good God.

- You'd think he was a defensive end.

- Oh, he's a powerful man.