Baker Mayfield won’t start after inappropriate sideline actions against Kansas

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Kristine Leahy discusses with Colin Cowherd how the benching of Baker Mayfield for the start of the Oklahoma Sooners game against the West Virginia Mountaineers affects their playoff chances.

- This is just breaking, right now. Baker Mayfield will not start the next game against West Virginia but he is going to play, just won't start. And we have Lincoln Riley, their head coach, talking about this, now.

- Cool

- Coming to a decision, after thinking about it here over the last few days, couple of things are going to happen. Baker won't be a captain for this game, which is a big deal to him. I know, especially for our team because the kind of leader he is and this is the last time that he gets to do it on Owen Field.

He, also, will not start this game but he will play. And then we're going to continue to provide some opportunities, chances for him to continue to get around youth, and have opportunities off the field to continue to have the impact that he wants.

- I love this.

- Yeah. I think it's a good choice. You just can't do that.

- You know, the best thing that would happened to Baker Mayfield, Christine?

- What?

- They lose. They go into--

- So then he feels--

- Yeah. They go into a 21-0 hole, they come back and they lose by a point, and Baker Mayfield is like, oh, I screwed up our chance at a national championship.

- Well, who knows for how long he's going to be held out. He just won't start but he is going to play.

- Yeah. I swear to god if the other team picks up a first down, he's playing. But--


- Exactly. No but hopefully, it's sends him a good message.

- By the way, Will Grier's out for West Virginia, their best quarterback. So Oklahoma is going to win that game.

- So it's a wash.