Colin Cowherd explains why No. 24 Michigan will upset No. 5 Wisconsin this weekend

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Colin Cowherd explains why the No. 24 ranked Michigan Wolverines will upset the No. 5 Wisconsin Badgers.

- Everybody likes Wisconsin. Wisconsin is amazing, it's the best defense, it is, Harbaugh's no good, and people are falling for this. So the Wisconsin defense is ranked fifth in the Country. OK? And I've told you, I love the Wisconsin story. If they go undefeated, they absolutely-- you can make an argument. They beat Michigan here, they beat ranked Michigan, they beat Ohio State, then put them in.

But let's take a deep breath here and add some context. It just so happens that they scheduled BYU out of conference, and this is the worst BYU offense, ever. I'm going to suggest to you that Michigan is going to win this game. What? I said it! Wisconsin, to the right, this is the rankings of the offenses they have faced, 95th, 120th, 61st, 78th, 72nd, 111, 123, 91st, 116.

The only offense that looks redeemable is Florida Atlantic, that's Lane Kiffin in an awful conference, that's why they're picking up yards. It's like a junior college with a nicer campus.

Wisconsin has played awful offenses all year, some of the worst in college football. Michigan's not perfect, they're on their third quarterback, but they have better personnel. I like Wisconsin. We are overstating how great their defense is.

We are now calling Harbaugh an average coach. Folks, here's the truth about great defenses, and there is no exception to what I'm going to say. To have a great defense, you need great personnel. Remember those Ravens with Ray Lewis, multiple Hall of Famers, that Seahawks defense, how about Denver's two years ago? Saban's had defenses that have eight NFL players on them.

I went the last decade. How many Wisconsin defensive players are first rounders, transformative players? A decade, two defensive players in the first round. They both have the same parents, J.J. and T.J. Watt.

Wisconsin always has NFL offensive linemen, it is what they're known for. They are not known for great quarterback play. They are not known for world-class linebackers, and corners, and safeties, and pass rushers, the Watt family being the exception.

This is what happens in college football, teams get blown up because they don't play a road game. Miami has yet to play a good team on the road, so everybody thinks the hurricanes are great. You see what happened to Georgia when they had to go on the road? Watch USC on the road? You watch Notre Dame on the road? Watch a team play a road game. Don't tell me Wisconsin's defense is all-time stuff.