Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 11

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Colin Cowherd has his picks for Week 11 in the NFL.

- Let's blaze it up. Is Colin's Blazin 5. Lions at Bears.

- Bears at home getting a field goal against Detroit. I'm going to take Chicago. I like their young offensive line and their running backs. It's allowed Mitch Trubisky to have more confidence. Over his last two home games, over 9 and 1/2 yards of pass and a quarterback rating close to 100. He is slowly growing in confidence and the lions are now getting gashed on the ground. Allowing almost 140 yards rushing per game over their last four games. I like this Chicago team. They're a year away, 24-23 they win here.

- Bengals at Broncos.

- Denver minus 2 and 1/2 against the Bengals. Like it? I love it. In the NFL, if you're embarrassed on national TV-- and they were-- teams bounce back. I like Denver. By the way, the Bengals offense is now a mess. In their last four games, they're 1 and 3. Their averaging less than 230 yards per game. And the Bengals are allowing opponents to convert on over 55% of third downs. Denver is still tough at home. I'll swallow the 2 and 1/2 and take Denver 27-20.

- Buccaneers at Dolphins.

- Tampa Bay gets a field goal. I'm going to take it against Miami. I think this Dolphins team, they may have quit. I'm not sure this team didn't quit against Carolina. The Dolphins have lost by 22 points a game over their three game losing streak. Young coach Adam Gase bailed on some players. I don't think he can reel them back in. And the Bucs are three and one this year when rushing for over 90 yards. Doug Martin is healthy. Not much of a road trip. Tampa may have as many fans or more. I'm going to take Tampa Bay 27-20.

Ravens at Packers.

- Green Bay at home. Getting two points. This feels so good. I'm going to take Brett Hundley and the Packers. Over his last two games, Brett Hundley is completing almost 70% of his throws. And his passer rating is in the mid 90's. Just won a road game. The Ravens, by the way, against the spread in their last 12 on the road. They've never again a good road team. Baltimore's three, eight, and one last 12 on the road. This game means a ton for Green Bay. Mike McCarthy is one of the best game callers in this league. Don't listen to Packer fans. This is a smart offensive coach. Packers win here, 24-20.

- Eagles at Cowboys.

- Eagles have to swallow 3 and 1/2 at Dallas. I'm going to take Philadelphia here. Listen. They ranked 27th through the Cowboys in third down defense. They do not get people off the field. The problem is Philadelphia, one of the best teams in the league, on third down. And one of the best teams in time of possession. This is a mismatch. Cowboys hang around. This is a big game and a rivalry game. But I'm going to take Philadelphia to win this game 31-24.