Colin Cowherd explains the ‘Brady-Saban-LeBron effect’

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Colin Cowherd explains how New England QB Tom Brady, Alabama football coach Nick Saban and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James affect the other teams in their leagues.

- One of the things I have seen in my life in my business and in other businesses is people overreact to a dominant number one. And Nick Saban, Bill Belichick, and LeBron have created unnecessary risk in their respective locations.

Tom Brady. Since he became a quarterback, there have been 45 AFC East quarterbacks. Buffalo, Jets, Miami-- Christine, that's just three teams. 45. Another one this morning. Tyrod Taylor, the best quarterback they have, was ridiculously benched.

Nick Saban. Since he got into the SEC, the SEC has hired 41 coaches. By the way, Mark Richt left. Nobody in the SEC hired him.

Mark Richt had a winning bowl record-- in fact, a better bowl record, percentage-wise, than Nick Saban-- was winning nine to 10 games a year. Nobody in the SEC hired him 'cause he couldn't beat Nick Saban. Who the hell's beating Nick Saban?

Les Miles was winning nine and 10 a year. Had a winning bowl record, his percentage better than Saban. Had beaten Saban. Had won the national title. Nobody else hired him. But Butch Jones has a gig? Come on now.

And LeBron James. Christine, this is since the decision. This doesn't even count when he first got in the league. Since the decision, the NBA Eastern Conference has had 50 head coaches. Don't overreact.