Colin reveals why LeBron James watching rookie point guards is a huge deal for the LA Lakers

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Colin Cowherd reveals why LeBron James watching rookie point guards is a big deal and means that he is keeping his eyes glued to the Los Angeles Lakers as a possible destination for himself.

- So I want you to think about this for a second. Here's things we know, that LeBron has done it before and would be willing to do it again. He would leave. Not saying he's going to leave Cleveland. Every time I run into anybody from Ohio, they're like, do you really believe it? And I'm like, why wouldn't I believe it? He's already left you once.

So we know LeBron's capable of leaving. We know, also, he doesn't have a great relationship with Dan Gilbert. We know there are certain places like the Knicks and the Clippers, despite being big cities, he's not going to. So I believe LeBron is watching some of these young point guards he could play with. And this may not feel like a big thing to you, but I think it is.

The Lakers-- remember Vegas said they're going to win about, what was it, 28 to 30 games. That's what Vegas said. But after last night's win, the Lakers are now projected to win 35 games. Here's the next six games for the Lakers. If they go 5 and 1-- you don't think this is a big home stand. You don't think the next two weeks matter. But if the Lakers go 4 and 2 or 5 and 1 as I have predicted in this, I would call, this California home stand where they don't leave the state until December. They play the Clippers. They play the Sacramento Kings. They will be on pace to be a 500 team.

Now what does that mean? LeBron's not a dope. LeBron doesn't think he could take a 28 team-- 28 win team. He doesn't think that. LeBron doesn't think, hey, the Lakers win 28, I'll take him to 58. Even with Paul George, he doesn't think that. But would LeBron think I could take 40 and make it 53? Absolutely, LeBron thinks that.

The Lakers during the next six games, if they have a very, very-- and listen you look at these games, it wouldn't be a shock to go 4 and 2. They will be on pace to be a 500 team. You don't think LeBron says 41 and 41, me and Paul George could add 13 to that. Then, you're in the Houston class.

So, as I watch the Lakers play, you can say, ah Lonzo's not this and I don't know about the bench, LeBron is sitting there making comments about all these point guards. He's watching and surveying the landscape. He has left Cleveland before. Magic, Laker brand, better than expected. If they have the home stand the Lakers want to have, this is a much easier emotional and psychological leap for LeBron. So right now the LeBron's old meter is right down the middle. But check in about 10 days. I think it's a real thing.