Colin on LeBron’s performance against the Knicks: ‘Of all his exploits, that reminded me of Michael Jordan’

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Reflecting on LeBron James' trolling of Enes Kanter and the New York Knicks to manufacture drama late in the game, Colin Cowherd reveals why he feels The King's performance reminded him of Michael Jordan.

- I didn't keep track, but I think he assisted or scored 30 points. They overcame a 15-point deficit. Don't make LeBron care. He goes Bruce Banner to the Hulk, and that's what Enes Kanter did.

LeBron took only 14 shots when they played Dallas-- awful Dallas-- this weekend, because he wasn't engaged. They won. He took 24 shots last week against Houston, because he was engaged.

This was a game in which-- and I said this two weeks ago-- LeBron is trolling us. He's entertaining himself. He knows, as this team builds chemistry, and eventually gets Isaiah Thomas, they're going to be very good.

But he's bored-- 15th year. He's entertaining himself. And last night was a game that he manufactured and manipulated New York and the Knicks and Enes Kanter to get his game on late. And it worked.

LeBron is simply trolling the league until the games matter in May. It was classic LeBron. It really did remind me last night watching-- it reminded me of Michael Jordan. It really did. That is as much Michael Jordan as it is LeBron James.

You know, Michael Jordan-- petty, punched a teammate, fiece. That was Michael Jordan-- going into Madison Square Garden in a meaningless game, getting himself worked up, trolling the Knicks, a little talk, down big, taking over the game late. Of all LeBron's exploits, that reminded me of Michael Jordan.