Colin reacts to Luke Walton benching Lonzo Ball against the Suns

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Colin Cowherd talks Lonzo Ball after he was benched against the Phoenix Suns.

- Who thought Lonzo was a great shooter? He averaged 15 in college. He's averaging 9.5 in his first month in the NBA. Aren't the Lakers trying to attract scorers? That's why they drafted Lonzo Ball. It was part of the plan to attract scorers. Scoring's gravy. He was seen as a passer, a vision guy, and fun to play with, and a culture changer.

Lonzo is salt. He's a lead-off hitter in baseball. He's a setup man for the funnier comedian. Salt doesn't make the dish, right? You'd never create a dish just with salt. But it makes it better. And we look at all these point guards over the last 8 to 10 years-- John Wall, Westbrook, Steph, Harden, Kyrie, and we think point guards have to be great scorers. No, they don't. No, they don't.

If LeBron and Paul George are watching and coming to Los Angeles-- and then you include Kyle Kuzma who can shoot, and Brook Lopez who can shoot, and Brandon Ingram who could shoot, and of course Paul and LeBron could-- shoot would you really want Lonzo Ball shooting? They knew what they were getting.

The family that buys the Volvo doesn't think they're getting a sports car. The family that buys the minivan doesn't do it for off-road racing. You don't buy a classic Corvette and ask where you put the child seat. Nobody ever thought Lonzo was a great shooter. What they thought is he was a passer, had great vision and handles, and would change the culture of Los Angeles, from Kobe and pound the ball on the wing to let's move the ball up the court, more possessions, play fast, and I'll set up scorers.

He was a 15 point scorer in the Pac 12. He's averaging 9.5 in his first month. He'll probably get better, average 10 on the year. And then his sophomore year in the league, he'll be a little better.

But the Lakers knew what they were getting. They were getting a player that hopefully other scorers, elite scorers-- which you need in this league to win-- would want to play with. If you get LeBron and Paul George with Brandon, Kuzma, and Lopez, the last thing you're going to want from Lonzo is shots. You're going to want passing.