Colin explains why college football is better with Miami winning again

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Colin Cowherd explains why NCAA football is better when the Miami Hurricanes are playing well.

COLIN COWHERD: I thought Mark Richt was a good hire. I had no, no idea they were going to be this good this fast. And I've always liked Mark Richt as a guy. I did think Notre Dame, again, Notre Dame played one good team. Georgia they lost at home. And then they played USC. And USC was banged up but they played a hell of a game. And USC, it's their one awful game this year. But I mean, Notre Dame's at least-- I mean, Notre Dame is a good team. They're kind of one dimensional. We knew that. They can't throw the ball and they certainly can't play from behind. But that game wasn't close at all, ever, for a minute.

I'll say this again, I have no problem saying it. College football is better with Miami. It can get very small town and rural. There's nothing against that, but that's what it is over and over and over. I've always believed that college football is better when you have the Miami Hurricanes and the USC Trojans as a big part of its landscape. Because Herb Street and I used to joke about this. Miami and USC are not college football. Now they're not the NFL either, but they're somewhere in between. You go to a Miami Hurricane practice, or a USC practice when their rolling. You've got agents. You've got actors. You've got movie stars. You've got boosters. You've got this big city. It's Miami. Big city LA.

And there's nothing against, you know, Oxford, Mississippi and Athens, Georgia and Eugene, Oregon. Those are awesome too. But I love when college football feels, you know, little-- I used to like college basketball when it had more of a connection to the NBA. Where you get guys in college years ago, that had been playing college basketball for three years. And you knew they were going to walk into the NBA and be dominant. I mean, you knew Patrick Ewing was going to walk into the NBA and be a force immediately.

I really miss. You know, like Christian Leitner. You're like, oh Yeah. He was better than NBA players, many of them, when he was playing college. Now you get a guy like Lonzo Ball who's talented, but his body doesn't even look like an NBA body. Anthony Davis, talented. But, you know, it takes these guys two years to get used to the travel and the emotional weight of the NBA. So I just couldn't be happier.