Joel Klatt praises Brandon Wimbush in his preview of the Notre Dame – Miami CFB matchup

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In his conversation with Colin Cowherd, Joel Klatt reveals why he thinks so highly of Brandon Wimbush and the Fighting Irish ahead of the Notre Dame - Miami CFB matchup.

- Miami's fast. I don't know if they match up in the trenches. I think Notre Dame may bulldoze them up front.

- You know, Miami played their best game of the year last week against Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech, consequently, played their worst game of the year. Before that, Miami had won four straight one-possession games versus teams that were a combined 11 and 20 up to that point. So I thought at some point, the bottom would fall out for Miami. I thought it was gonna be last week.

I think Notre Dame's gonna win the game. Miami is a great story. I'm a big fan of Mark Richt--

HOST: Year away? They feel like--

- Yeah.

HOST: --a year away.

- And they're recruiting really well. To me, next year, Miami's gonna be for real. And they're winning in a lot of close games right now. More power to them. But I think Notre Dame is better, and Wimbush throws the ball better than people think he does. And so that's why I think Notre Dame wins.