Colin Cowherd reacts to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s slow start this season

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Colin Cowherd talks Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

- Who is not playing well right now, but eventually will probably, hopefully? Oklahoma City with Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony, of course, cares about stats. That is not what basketball is about.

It's about leadership. If you look at the stats of Magic Johnson, a lot of times, it can blow you away. Magic Johnson's game, mind, talent blew you away. So OKC lost last night to awful Sacramento.

They now have a losing record. They now have a losing record with four really good players. Westbrook's a star; George, a star; Melo, past his prime star; and Steven Adams. And they lost to an abysmal franchise.

And you know why they lost last night? Because they're going out of their way to be nice and balanced and everybody gets shots. Look at these stats between Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. They're absolutely, shockingly even.

You won't believe this. They've all scored the exact same amount of points this year-- 201. And they're averaging all the exact same points per game-- 17.

Do you know why they're doing that? Because Russell Westbrook's a great talent, but he's not a great leader yet, although he still has plenty of time to be a leader. If you look at what OKC has done when Westbrook has been aggressive, they're 4 and 0. And when he tries to be nice, they're 0 and 6.

It's that simple, folks. Westbrook's a talent. He's never been a great leader. And he's going to have to figure it out.

This happened in Miami when LeBron went there with D-Wade and Bosh. Remember, about three weeks, they were 8 and 7? And they were like, whose team is it? It was Lebron's team.

D-Wade was smart enough to get it and handed it over. People who don't know basketball, always use stats, stats, stats. No. Leadership is not about stats.

Russell Westbrook, this is your team. Two stars, Russell, came to play with you. You are going to stay in Oklahoma City for the rest of your career. I don't care what the stats are.

When Russell Westbrook takes over the game for OKC, they are 4 and 0 this year. When he tries to spread it out and be balanced, he fails. That's why I always say, leadership and self-awareness in basketball are more important than talent.

You remember the "Seinfeld" show? They had four or five strong characters. There would be episodes that Jerry was not speaking very much. It was still his show. It was always Jerry's show.

Ever see the show "Cheers"? Six, seven strong characters-- it was Sam Malone's show. He was the centerpiece of the show, even when Sam Malone didn't have the most lines.

The centerpiece of Seinfeld's show was Seinfeld, even when he didn't have the most lines. Lines in Hollywood are like stats in the NBA-- overrated. This is Russell Westbrook's team.

He should always decide who's hot and who gets the ball. This is why I've always preferred Steph Curry to Russell Westbrook. I think he's a better, more aware player.

The Warriors are Steph Curry's team. But last year in the finals, he made it Kevin Durant because of the match-up. In the Western Conference finals, the match-up was better for Steph Curry, and it was him scoring all the points.

But it's always Steph Curry's team-- always. It was always Jerry Seinfeld's show-- always. It was always Sam Malone's show-- always, on "Cheers."

This is where Westbrook-- and he can get better, and I think he will. But he's never been a great leader. He's been a great talent. And he is struggling with leadership.

Should I be nice? Should I-- don't be nice. Leadership's about being the opposite of nice. Sometimes you got to be a jerk to be a leader.

Sometimes you have to yell at guys. And I never buy into this, you know, leaders carry a big stick and talk rarely. No, no, leaders have to talk. Leaders have to be confrontational.

Michael Jordan, Kobe-- leaders get in your face. Leaders demand things. OK. Russell Westbrook is talented. He's never been a leader.

And this is his opportunity in his career-- and I think he's capable of it-- saying, guys, this is my team, we're going to do what I decide. Some nights for Russell, it won't be shots. Paul George gets hot-- feed him the rock for three and 1/2 hours.

Some nights it's going to be Melo. But a leader says, Melo, you ain't getting the rock tonight.