Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2017-18 Week 9

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Colin Cowherd has his top 10 NFL teams after Week 9 of this year's NFL season.

VOICEOVER: Herd Hierarchy. Time is now. Let's go. The top 10 NFL teams according to Colin.

Number 10.


- The Kansas City Chiefs, it took us awhile, are very easy to figure out. They've gone four straight games without rushing for 100 yards. What does that mean? Alex Smith has to carry them, and he can't because that's not what he is. And they also rank 30th in yards per play allowed, meaning Alex Smith has to carry them and he can't. As the rushing game slows down and the defense gets fatigued, it becomes more about Alex Smith, and he's a limited guy. Chiefs at 10.

VOICEOVER: Number nine.

- I'll tell you something. I'm going to put Washington in, and I think I may have them low. They beat the Rams and they beat the Seahawks, both on the road. And this running back, Chris Thompson, I think he's the best kept secret in the National Football League. Only player in the league leading his team in rushing and receiving yards. They have a real pass rush. I think they're very well coached by Jay Gruden. Washington's nine. I probably have them low.

VOICEOVER: Number eight.

- Here's my thing about the Saints. This is why I like them but I don't love them. They had a great draft. And a lot of this defensive story is a bunch of rookies, and I don't trust rookies in late November and December. Now, the Saints have a takeaway in each one of their last six wins. They've got 12 total in their run. This story's about running the football-- now with Alvin Kamara, who's averaging over 100 yards per game in his last five-- and it's about defense. But this defense is young, and I think eventually against better teams late they'll be exposed.

VOICEOVER: Number seven.

- Minnesota Vikings. You talk about an easy story to get your arms around. It's defense. They're the only defense in the NFC that ranks in the top five in yards per play allowed and points per drive allowed. It's real, real simple. They run the football. And when they run it 23 times or more, they're 6 and 0. It is a running defensive team. And eventually-- this is why Kansas City has limitations-- you've got to throw the ball not on your terms to win late and in the playoffs. And that's where they are limited.

VOICEOVER: Number six.

- Pittsburgh Steelers. I still, in a big spot, think they can be too emotional and make mistakes. But here's the good news. Replacing Martavis Bryant has not been a big deal. JuJu Smith-Schuster leads the team now with four touchdown receptions. And over the last six games, they've really been about Le'Veon Bell. He's averaged 140 yards from scrimmage. Five touchdowns.

So this team is shifting. It is no longer Big Ben's team. It is Le'Veon Bell's team. And that's not a bad thing, although here's the problem. He's probably going to have 500 carries by the time they faced New England in the AFC Championship, and he may not be 100%.

VOICEOVER: Number five.

- The Seahawks. Listen, they're asking Russell Wilson to do too much. He's the only quarterback in the NFL right now leading his team in rushing. They don't want that to be the case. Pete Carroll really doesn't want that to be the case. That's why he and John Schneider went out and got a left tackle. Russell Wilson has 45 more rushing yards on almost half the attempts as the Seahawks top two running backs combined. They're a really good football team that has no running game. Duane Brown eventually at left tackle hopefully helps alleviate that problem.

VOICEOVER: Number four.

- The LA Rams. It's the only team in the league I think it's mostly a coaching story. Nothing against Jeff Fisher, but Todd Gurley was here last year. Robert Woods, nice addition. Left tackle, nice addition. Here is the secret sauce, though, for the Rams, OK. They're the only NFC team yet to allow a passer rating of a hundred yards. You look at their offense-- and it leads the NFL-- and you're watching Jared Goff and all these receivers. This defense and these special teams are what are eventually-- if they win playoff games, it's going to be their kicker, their punter, and their defensive line. It's not going to be Jared Goff. They have an underrated pass rush.

VOICEOVER: Number three.

- Dallas Cowboys. Listen, they've got a formula now. Over their last four games, they lead the NFL in time of possession. Run the football, asked Dak to do play-action pass. Over the last four games, they're running the ball 35, 36, 37 times. I also believe the duo of David Irving and DeMarcus Lawrence defensively up front. They combined first 16 and a half pressures. That's the best in the NFC of any defensive line duo. I think their defensive line eventually gives them a chance to win the Super Bowl-- not Dak and not Zeke.

VOICEOVER: Number two.

- Patriots. It's two different teams. First month, brutal. Over the last month, the Patriots have figured out how to keep teams out of the end zone. Now, their defense still doesn't have a pass rush and still is not great, but this is about holding people to field goals not touchdowns in the NFL. Can you be situationally good on third down? In the last month, they're allowing 12.8 points per game. The first month, they allowed 32 points a game. It's not a great defense, but it's become what all Patriot defenses that have won a Super Bowl are. It's situationally good at times.

VOICEOVER: Number one.

- What can I say? Philadelphia now is starting to pull away from teams. You know, second in time of possession. So if they face a great quarterback, they can play keep away. You can't run the football on them. They run the ball and they have a great rush defense. They're top five in both. And I think Carson Wentz is a wizard. I just think he is a transformative guy. I don't know if they're brilliantly coached, but I'm not sure they would have to be brilliantly coached to get to the Super Bowl. I think at this point they're efficiently coached with a wizard at quarterback. I do worry about left tackle. But they added a running back, makes them more physical. Philadelphia Eagles number one.