Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 9

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Colin Cowherd has his picks for Week 9 in the NFL. Find out who he likes in the Rams/Giants, Ravens/Titans, Buccaneers/Saints, Falcons/Panthers, Chiefs/Cowboys.

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NARRATOR: Let's blaze it up.

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NARRATOR: It's Colin's "Blazin' 5." Rams at Giants.

- Rams minus three and a half.


I'm going take 'em on the road. Number one, they're off a bye. Number two, Janoris Jenkins, the Giants top corner, is out for this game. And the most creative offensive team in this league right now with a running game, multiple tight end, wide receiver assets, is the Rams, off a bye, rested, game certainly means more. I'm going to swallow the points, 27-20 LA Rams.

NARRATOR: Ravens at Titans.

- Titans at home minus three and a half. Tough call.


I'll take Tennessee here. I get a well-rested team off a bye. This allows Marcus Mariota to further recover from his hamstring injury. But this is all about the trenches. In their four wins, the Titans have averaged over 150 rushing yards a game with six rushing touchdowns. And the Ravens 30th-ranked rush defense.

This, to me, is a potential blow out of the week. The game certainly means more to Tennessee. This coaching staff is fighting for their jobs. You lose here at home to a bad road team, Baltimore, you could be in trouble. Tennessee, 31-20, wins.

NARRATOR: Buccaneers at Saints.

- Saints minus seven against Tampa at home.


Like it? I love it. The Bucs, in their last five, they're an overrated team. They're 0-4-1 against the spread. And it's real simple here. Better head coach,


--New Orleans. Better quarterback--


--New Orleans. Better defense--


--New Orleans. This is an easy one. The Saints are allowing a 52.4 passer rating during their five-game winning streak. And the wildly-inconsistent Jameis Winston also has to face one of the best corners and pass rushes right now in the league. Saints win comfortably 32-22.

NARRATOR: Falcons at Panthers.

- Atlanta minus one and a half at Carolina.


I'll take the Falcons. First of all, I don't think Carolina has a great home field advantage. I also think, where is Cam Newton, emotionally, now that the Panthers just traded Kelvin Benjamin, his leading receiver and best friend on the team? Twice this year, Carolina's failed to score a touchdown in a game. And Cam makes too many mistakes for my taste. Only DeShone Kizer has more giveaways than Cam Newton this year. 27-21 Atlanta.

NARRATOR: Chiefs at Cowboys.

- Kansas City getting two points at Dallas. I love the Chiefs in this spot. First of all, third-best scoring offense in the league is Kansas City. Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, explosive guys. The Chiefs don't give you anything, three giveaways all year. That's tied for the fewest in the league. I'm taking Kansas City on the road 28-24 over the Cowboys.

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