Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2017-18 Week 8

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Colin Cowherd has his top 10 NFL teams after Week 8 of this year's NFL season. Check back every week for his updated power rankings.

ANNOUNCER: Herd Hierarchy

ATHLETE: The time is now, let's go!

ANNOUNCER: The top 10 NFL teams according to Colin. Number 10.

- Minnesota. I still don't know this team well enough to put them higher because they're using their third quarterback. But could Buffalo win convincingly with their third quarterback? This team is all about defense. You cannot run the football on this football team. And despite the fact they're on a third quarterback, you know their offensive line is good because they're top five in the NFL in time of possession.

This team is probably significantly better than 10, but I just don't know enough about them. But what I see from the numbers is they keep the ball away from you. How many teams in this league could win like Minnesota on their third quarterback? How about we start with none.

ANNOUNCER: Number nine.

- The Rams. Listen, there's a lot of things I like. Their special teams are outstanding. They're sacking opposing quarterbacks at the third highest rate in the NFL. And there's no question, Jared Goff is more comfortable.

But this is really a running team. Goff, when he can play with a lead and on play action, is a very effective. Gurley's rush for 100 yards four times they're 4 and 0 in those games. But I still don't think this is an offense. Goff is ready to trail by 14 late and come back. So I'm optimistic he can get there, but I don't think he's there yet.

ANNOUNCER: Number eight.

- You know, Kansas City leads the NFL in yards per play. Six and, six and a half yards a play. That's a huge Vegas number. This is a real football team. They're very good at home. Their defensive personnel feels to me that it's better than their NFL ranking. Like New England's defensive personnel is limited. Kansas City's is pretty good.

I know they lost Eric Berry. But that defense is not good enough to have him higher than eight.

ANNOUNCER: Number seven.

- The surprise team in the NFL to me is the Saints. Kind of struggled with a scrappy Chicago team that's a year away. But the Saints have 11 takeaways over their five game winning streak. That's one in each game minimum, and that's a real thing. To take the ball away generally means you're getting a pass rush, you're pretty good at corner, you're forcing the team to be uncomfortable, you're playing. And they're also, the Saints are not only playing defense, they're running the football 140 yards a game over a five game winning streak.

So this is a Saints team that runs the football and plays defense. The opposite of their brand. I have then at seven.

ANNOUNCER: Number six.

- I did not like the Duane Brown trade at all for the Texans. And I dropped him a couple of spots because of that.

I watched them Sunday and I thought, they can play in the Super Bowl. But they have an a week goal line, and it now is significantly weaker. And here's the thing, the Texans have a lot of quarterback pressure on 43% of their drop backs. That's the highest in the NFL. And I like Deshaun Watson. But we saw Russell Wilson earlier this year running for his life. Russell's been in this league five years. He's mastered it. I have the Texans at six.

ANNOUNCER: Number five.

- Listen, Pittsburgh's playing really well. It's a Super Bowl potential team. Generally my top four teams are Super Bowl teams. I have the Steelers at five.

Over their three game winning streak, they've only allowed their opponents to get a first down, convert third down, on 23% of the time. That's a big number. Meaning, in the last month, it's third down against the Steelers, you might as well get your punt team on the field. And they're one to two teams that have multiple sacks in all eight games. Pressure on the quarterback, getting you off the field, and handing it to Le'Veon Bell. It's a good football team.

ANNOUNCER: Number four.

- I got to tell you though, I'm watching Dallas' defensive line. I know Ezekiel Elliott's leaving. But I think Dallas right now, along with Philadelphia, and maybe even better, offensive defensive line personnel is fantastic. And you know, here's the thing, can they do it with McFadden and Alfred Morris?

They're top three in the NFL third down conversions. It's road graders, man. They just lean on you. They're not going to need Dak to throw 30 times, but they're probably going to need him to throw more. I like this Cowboy team. I love their young, athletic defensive front.

ANNOUNCER: Number three.

- The Patriots. I think the last three teams I'm going to name should be the favorites and I really think are better than everybody else.

Listen, New England is number one in total offense. I believe this offensive team, despite Chris Hogan being hurt, and that will ding them for a couple of weeks. I think it's the deepest, deepest offense they've ever had. I think they have an elite left tackle, an elite Shaq Mason at guard. They have workable running backs, multiple slot receivers. Brandin Cooks, by the way, is playing great football. Number five in receiving yards in the NFL.

This is a Super Bowl team. They're not great defensively. There's still time. They're developing young defensive lineman. Patriots, three.

ANNOUNCER: Number two.

- I'm going to drop the Eagles to two because of Jason Peters' injury at left tackle. I think it's a deal. Now, they bring in Jay Ajayi, so they've got another power running back. Time of possession, number one. Rushing defense, number one. Point differential, number one. But the number one team in the league this morning--

ANNOUNCER: Number one.

- With Duane Brown going to the Seahawks, I'm sorry. What don't they do well? I mean, I guess the only thing you could say about Seattle now, they could use a more dynamic running back. But they're number two in total offense.

I mean, what does Seattle not have? They have an elite coach. They have an elite secondary. They have maybe the best linebacking corps in football. They have an elite pass rush. Now they have an elite left tackle, an elite quarterback, and I'll say this. This receiving corps, which I've always been kind of cool on, Richardson, Baldwin coming together.

I think this Duane Brown move by the Seahawks is massive. And it's in the same week that the Eagles, the second best team, lost their Pro Bowl left tackle. That's the kind of thing that's the difference in the NFC championship.

That's this week's Herd Hierarchy.