Colin is expecting big things from the 49ers…next season

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Colin Cowherd talks San Francisco 49ers after they acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots.

- I predicted this year the LA Rams were one of two teams I thought could double their win total, the other being Carolina, and I think both will actually. But the Rams have been the surprise of the league. I believe the San Francisco 49ers will now be the Rams next year. Not just doubling their win total, they'll be a borderline playoff team. I really believe this.

I think Kyle Shanahan's a great coach. I love what the Niners are doing. They get Garoppolo in now, let him learn the system for half the year, then they can use that number one or number two pick to acquire multiple pieces.

I love what Kyle Shanahan's doing and John Lynch. They got a ton of cap space. They can kick the tires on Garoppolo. Shanahan, Kyle liked him a lot out of college. We found that out. And San Francisco now is the first team out of the blocks in the search for the next quarterback.

There's about three teams in this league, four teams that need a quarterback. And San Francisco said let's kick the tires here on Garoppolo. Let's see if he's as good as we think he is. And if he's not, we'll go get a Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen. We'll get somebody out of college. But we think he's good enough.

Let's get a jump on all these teams. So we're not starting like the Bears with Mitch Trubisky this year. Let's get Garoppolo in. Let's learn our system. Let's give him off season He may only start four or five games this year. But let's get him. And learn the system. Get a jump on all these teams. And I also believe a big part of this.

Remember last "Monday Night Football"? I was told this years ago. That "Monday Night Football" is the one football game in the NFL that everybody watches. Even the Sunday night game, some teams are flying back home. Not everybody, not every coaching staff sees the "Sunday Night Football" game.

They're flying home from road games. They're watching film. "Monday Night Football" is in every office. It's a standalone game.

Kirk Cousins, who the Niners, everybody said was interested in, went up against Carson Wentz and looked completely out manned physically. He's now 0 for 6 in "Monday Night Football" games. Kirk Cousins is a nice, middle of the road franchise quarterback.

But do you think it's a coincidence, a week after he was juxtaposed against Carson Wentz, it was very clear-- who's a world class quarterback and who's a guy-- do you think it's just a coincidence, a week after that "Monday Night Football" game, when Kirk Cousins lost again in a standalone game, when everybody is watching, and San Francisco, who reportedly loved Cousins were out? Let's get Garoppolo. I think that's a big part of it.

I love what San Francisco is doing. By the way they had a great draft. Their top three picks in the draft this year, defensive lineman, linebacker, and cornerback, are all starting and playing well. It should also be noted they have, in the first three rounds next year, they have four picks. And now they have the ability to trade that number one or two pick and get another handful of picks.

So I believe the San Francisco 49ers are going to be the Rams of next year.