What does the Jimmy Garoppolo trade tell us about Bill Belichick’s future?

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Colin Cowherd talks New England Patriots, Bill Belichick and Jimmy Garoppolo.

- NFL teams send you messages all the time. You just have to pay attention.

Mitch Trubisky has thrown 80 passes in four games. Chicago's sending you a message. He's young. He's raw. We don't really trust him yet. Bill Belichick is sending you messages, too. Yesterday, they traded Jimmy Garoppolo, a franchise quarterback, for a second-round pick. That's it. A second-round pick only has about 40% chance of being a high-end starter in this league. They could have gotten more.

So let's look at what Belichick has done. He traded quarterback Jacoby Brissett for a wide receiver who was considered sort of a bust. Could he get more? Yeah, but the Colts GM is Chris Ballard, a friend of Andy Reid who Belichick likes. They make the deal. Belichick trades quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for a second-round pick. Could they have gotten more? Absolutely. Who's San Francisco's head coach? Kyle Shanahan, son of Mike Shanahan who Belichick respects.

This is what presidents do, folks. They pardon people. On the way out, they take care of their friends. Andy Reid, Mike Shanahan, friends of Belichick, he just pardoned them. He did them a solid. Bill is telling you I've not only hit the turn, I'm on the last couple of holes of this golf course. We now officially have no succession plan for Tom Brady.

Bill is telling you I've worked with Bob Kraft and Tom Brady. And when you stay at a Ritz Carlton, a Hilton just won't do. His legend is set. Players now have bigger opinions, encouraged to give them. Maybe Belichick sees the turning of the league. Tom is playing at a level that he can finish this year at least one more year. Have you noticed, in recent years, Bill is no longer really interested in developing young players? They drafted four guys total. Now, they're giving up more picks, giving up a backup quarterback.

This league is all about messages, and Bill Belichick sent you one yesterday. I'm leaving with Tom Brady when he leaves, probably either at the end of next year or the year after that. They were not going to franchise Garoppolo. That's not what New England does. They fished around the league. They were not going to send him to the AFC. Bill didn't want to get burned by potentially a kid who he thinks is good.

But why did they give Brissett away for a wide receiver considered a bust in Indy? Why would you give Jimmy Garoppolo away for a second-round pick? Statistically, only 40% chance to be a high-end starter. That's pardoning, people. That's giving Mike Shanahan's son Kyle a solid. That's taking care of Andy Reid's guy Chris Ballard.

Last couple of years, Belichick, I'm not really into developing players. That was a message. It is obvious. Brady and Belichick, they're going to leave together. And Boston, you're not going to beat LeBron in the East. You Red Sox, fans you're not going to beat Aaron Judge, Sanchez, and all those good prospects for the Yankees. I don't care much about the Bruins.

But Patriot fans, get ready. Because this parade, you can see the end of it now. It's been nothing but balloons and fun and laughs. Everybody wins. The end is near. Now, maybe it's two years, maybe it's three, but this isn't about making the turn. Bill and Tom are on the last couple of holes.