Terry Bradshaw reveals the most complete NFL team after Sunday’s Week 8 action

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Terry Bradshaw joins Colin Cowherd to discuss which team is the most well-rounded in the NFL right now.

- This league is set up for offenses, you well know. It's not set up for defense.

Go look at New England. They have one of the great defensive minds in football in Bill Belichick, and automatically, you will know that this is not.

If you look at the job they're doing in Philadelphia, that is a really good offense and a really good defense. That's probably, in my opinion, right now the most balanced football team in the NFL.

HOST: Kansas City and Philly? Feel like-- although, Kansas City--

- Philly, I'd take over Kansas City.

HOST: Yeah, you're right. Kansas City's defense has shown signs since Eric Berry left.