Colin’s picks for the college football playoff after Week 9

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Colin Cowherd looks back at Week 9 of the college football season and makes his picks for the college football playoff.

- I believe both Ohio State and Penn State get back into the playoff along with Clemson who has not lost a game this year without their starting quarterback in Alabama. I don't want to hear about Alabama, Georgia. They play probably in the last game of the year in a neutral field. It makes absolutely no sense-- first of all the SEC is not good enough this year to have two teams. And it makes absolutely no sense to have Bama play George on a neutral field and then have them play three weeks later at a neutral field.

Penn State, Ohio. State can play again because they haven't played in a neutral field. And, yeah, that matters in college football. I think Notre Dame is going to lose either at Miami or at Stanford. I think Oklahoma is going to lose either to Oklahoma State or TCU. I think Wisconsin doesn't have a quality win and will lose to Ohio State in the Big 10 Title game. And I think Washington's overrated, good but overrated. So my prediction stands, Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Penn State are the four best football teams I have seen this year.

I didn't have a problem last year. And I don't have a problem now. And I didn't have a problem years ago with Alabama, LSU. I have no problem with you not getting to the conference championship and getting in. Why would I put up qualifiers in life? I'll only fall in love with a girl with brown hair. Why don't you just fall in love. Why in the world would you ever put qualifiers in a national championship playoff? We had a decade long where sometimes three of the top four teams were in the SEC.

I can't have two big 10 teams this year? We had years when I was a kid growing up where Big East basketball was so good that the fourth seed in the Big East was the fifth best team in that country. There are times when certain topographies, geographies, and regions have more good players. This year, for the Pac 12, they don't have a great team. The Big 12 doesn't have a great team. I think the Big 10 has got three super, super talented teams. I think Notre Dame is better than I thought.

I think the SEC has got two really good teams, one great one. But there's no way in the world I'm going to let Penn State not go in. Because they're going to run the table now. There's no way I'm keeping Penn State out after losing to, I believe the team that will win the national title, Ohio State, by a point. I'm not keeping them out. And these qualifiers are ridiculous. In Georgia, Alabama, your playing on a neutral field. That is your playoff game.