The King’s Court: Colin reveals why Giannis Antetokounmpo is nowhere close to being the next LeBron James

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In the wake of reading multiple articles comparing the Greek Freak to Cleveland's LeBron James, Colin Cowherd reveals why Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo is nowhere close to holding court with The King.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - So, the media does this from time to time, that instead of just enjoying Muhammad Ali, enjoying Tiger Woods, enjoying Brady-- who's the next Brady? Who's the next Ali? Who's the next this? Who's the next that?

There is no other LeBron James. There will be no other LeBron James. Can play all five positions. Literally, best player in the world. 15th year into the career, he's still the best player. Physically, still the best player.

OK, it's not going to happen. This is a once in a lifetime-- it'll never happen in-- that a player literally controls, like Wilt Chamberlain, an entire conference.

But the story now is-- good god, I've been-- I've-- at the end of last year and now is, oh, the Greek freak. Milwaukee. Giannis-- and I struggle pronouncing his name sometimes-- Antetokounmpo.

WOMAN: Antetokounmpo.

- He's a-- he's a physical freak. He's the next Le-- I've read three stories this week, next LeBron. No. And it's not close.

Fifth year in the NBA, has not won a playoff series, in the awful east. LeBron was in the finals his fourth year, and the east wasn't terrible then. Fifth year in the NBA, not top 10 in merchandise. He is not LeBron.

He is a freak. And he'll score a bunch of points. And he's gonna be great statistically. He ain't LeBron.

But Colin, he's in Milwaukee! What, Cleveland's glamorous? Giannis, fifth year, here's his stats. First four years, LeBron and Giannis. Ain't close.

LeBron almost averages 10 points more, almost double the assists, and wins a lot more. And by the way, I'm not so sure Giannis doesn't have a better surrounding cast than LeBron did. I just know LeBron's surrounding cast because they got to the finals. But you've got some players in Milwaukee now.

OK, it isn't just about LeBron's game. It's his understanding of the game. His personality to attract players. He can actually shoot. Giannis can't shoot.

There'll never be another Tiger. There'll never be another Ali. There'll never be another LeBron.

And by the way, the NBA, the NFL, and baseball have always had these freaks. Doesn't mean they're the best player. Derek Jeter's leadership, personality, durability. Brett Favre. Kyrie Irving doesn't have durability. Kyrie Irving doesn't have the personality.

Here's another one. Here are the Bucks with and without Giannis on the court. Look at this.

They are significantly worse defensively. They are almost 10 points plus without him, minus 2.7 with him. You have never seen that with LeBron.

He's talented. He's long. He's young. He's a freak. He's not gonna be LeBron.

I mean, I love Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons, to me, has a lot of Magic, LeBron qualities. I don't think he has the personality.

6' 9 and 1/2", can dribble, can control the game. Ben Simmons, to me, is going to be closer. Big market Philadelphia, highly coveted college player comes out number one. Ben Simmons has a better chance.

But we fall into these traps. We just don't love what we have in the moment. And Giannis is a freak. He is not close to LeBron James.

Because LeBron isn't just about basketball. He's about leadership. He's about knowledge. He's about business. He's about the macro topics. Politically, he leads other players.

That's never going to be the-- that's never going to be Giannis. He is just a wild, freaky, great, fun, crazy player who's gonna score a bunch, get good numbers, and be a blast to watch. And he may average 38 points a game one year.

I mean, Dominique Wilkins was a great player. Magic and Larry Bird changed the league. It's not just about length, size, dunking, speed. There are so many things that made Magic, beyond basketball.

There are so many things that made Tiger. Tiger culturally changed the game. Ali, socially and culturally. The Foreman fight in Zaire changed boxing-- rope-a-dope.

LeBron's never been given credit for those influential components to his game. And I like Giannis. But, god, if I have to read that he's the next LeBron-- stop.