Colin Cowherd defends Kiko Alonso’s hit on Joe Flacco: ‘In the end, it’s violent, but this is football’

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After examining Miami Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso's controversial hit on Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, Colin Cowherd explains why Flacco deserves the blame for his own injury.

- So let's start with that violent football play last night. Everybody's freaking out, right? Like whoa! That is [INAUDIBLE], Kiko Alonso, man. That guy, just fine him. He got to suspend him. He's a bad guy. Oh, look at that hit with Joe Flacco. Oh, man, that is just terrible! I can't believe you allow guys like that in the NFL. Isn't it interesting that it was 6' 6" Joe Flacco and it's 6' 6" Cam Newton, and 6' 6" Ben Roethlisberger that are always complaining and getting hobbled by hits. It is never 5' 11 and 1/2" Johnny Manziel, 6' Russell Wilson, 6' 1 and 1/2" Aaron Rodgers, or 6' 2" Dak Prescott. This is something I had been discussing weeks and weeks and weeks before that hit last night.

When you slide poorly, and you're a quarterback, and you leave your territory, I'm not asking linebackers to slow down. Hey surfers, you better be damn good, cause that's where the sharks live. Motorcycle guy on the freeway. Oh it's legal, but it's built for cars. You ever heard of a child protective seat in the car? That's not designed for the driver or anybody in the back seat. It's specifically designed for the kid. Kid gets out of that, take a sharp turn, what happens to the kid?

The pocket is designed for one player. All the rules in that pocket slant toward the quarterback. Leave that designed area, jump out of that child protective seat and go in the back seat and play around with your sister, take a sharp turn, bang! That's what happens. You go into a linebacker territory. What if Joe Flacco had faked the slide, held up and ran, and Kiko Alonso had slowed down, then doesn't make the tackle, Flacco scores. You're eating him for lunch today.

By the way, Baltimore fans, don't be a hypocrite. If Ray Lewis did that, you would defend him to the hilt. Come on, it's football! You're not wearing a dress! I like my linebackers to be aggressive! Listen, if you go look at the history of the NFL, many of the greatest defensive players, Ronnie Lott, Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus. You go look at the all time greats, they played unhinged. That's why they're great. John Lynch. John Lynch led with his head for 15 years. I'm not going to ask, in their territory, slow down for the quarterback. And by the way, this is what I say about Flacco and Cam and Big Ben. These tall 6' 6" clunky guys are lousy sliders. It's unnatural. And therefore, they slide a second late, and they leave their torso, which is enormous, up.

So I'm sorry. At the end, it's violent. But this is football. It's real speed. It's real fast.