Nick Swisher recalls discovering Justin Verlander’s greatness: ‘I definitely knew after the first fastball I saw!’

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In his recollection of facing him at the plate, Nick Swisher discusses Houston Astros P Justin Verlander's fastball control which has paved the way for his steady ascension to become one of the most dominant pitchers in the MLB.

- Now Verlander goes tonight. What makes him so dominant? Now is that just power?

- Yeah. I just think, for him, I mean, I've been facing that guy since he came up in 2006.

- Do you remember your first-- let's do story time.


- You faced-- now Verlander, at the time you faced him, was young.


- Did you know he was going to be great, or he was great?

- Well, I definitely knew after that first fastball I saw. I just feel like, at that point, I mean, the guy's like, 6 foot 5, 230 pounds. He's a big guy. So he's able to control that, and he's able to handle that. That's why he's pitched for so many years. And his injuries have been at such a minimum. You have to be able to handle throwing 100 miles an hour.

- Well, pitching's all about your leg, your trunk.

- Of course. Just in general. I mean, and I think the one thing that he'll say, that we heard him say earlier, is that he found something in his delivery. Now he's rushing that baseball back up to 97, 98. And the thing about Verlander is, his fastball location is so primo. He can live on the corners of the plate all day long. He's got five-plus pitches. Hey, man. This guy right here, I mean, if he continues to do what he's doing right now for the next two - three years, he's got a chance to be in the Hall of Fame.