Colin Cowherd’s Buy/Sell/Hold after Week 7 of the NFL Season

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Colin Cowherd offers up his take on the Texans, Bears, Lions, Buccaneers and more going into this weekend's NFL action.

ANNOUNCER: Time to buy, sell, or hold?

PIRATE: I'd buy that for a dollar.

ANNOUNCER: Colin will decide if he'll buy--

MAN: Buy it.

ANNOUNCER: --sell--

PIRATE: I want you to sell!

ANNOUNCER: --or hold.

MAN: Please hold.

- All right. NFL. I'm the stockbroker. John, what is the stock?

JOHN: Chicago Bears.

- Chicago Bears are at New Orleans. I love their pass rush. I think they have very good running backs. They have a defensive coach and a young quarterback. I worry about the symmetry there. Here's the issue. 30th in total offense, 31st in passing offense. They are an off-season away of acquisition and Trubisky getting better. John?

JIM CRAMER: Sell, sell, sell!

- I'm selling that stock.

JOHN: The Houston Texans.

- The Houston Texans are at Seattle. Now, Houston's interesting. They can run the football. Deshaun Watson is getting a lot of attention. But they are averaging 138 yards on the ground. And their red zone touchdown efficiency has been fantastic. Some of that's leg, some of that is running. So John, with the Texans--

JIM CRAMER: Buy, buy, buy!

COLIN COWHERD: --this is a stock I would recommend you buying.

JOHN: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

- Big weekend. They host Carolina. A lot of people like Dirk Koetter and Jameis Winston. Offensively, clever. I love the last two drafts for the Buccaneers. I will say this, though. Despite drafting pretty well on the defensive side, you can throw the ball up and down the field on this team. They are 30th in pass defense. They give up 410 yards a game. I know the media loves them, but--

JIM CRAMER: Sell, sell, sell!

COLIN COWHERD: --I would recommend you sell the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stock.

JOHN: How bout the Buffalo Bills?

- Interesting. So Buffalo's at home with Oakland. Really watchable football game. Now, here's the thing about Buffalo. Tyrod Taylor doesn't make a ton of mistakes. And they get a pass rush. They are really, actually, can be really difficult at home. But here's the reality. There an Alex Smith quality to Tyrod Taylor. They're 29th in passing offense. And so if you can't throw the ball on somebody else's terms-- everybody in the NFL can throw it on their terms-- second and 2, third and 1. But if it's second and 9, third and 11, can you throw the football? Buffalo cannot.

JIM CRAMER: Sell, sell, sell.

- I like 'em, don't love 'em. I'd recommend, as your broker, selling that Buffalo Bill stock.

JOHN: How about the Detroit Lions?

- At home against Pittsburgh, that's a Sunday night game. Listen, initially-- I like Matt Stafford and always have. And they started to generate a little bit of a running game. But if you start watching NFL teams that succeed, you have to occasionally be able to take the ball and play keep-away, 10-play drives. They've got seven all year. And so here's the problem-- is that they don't sustain drives whether it's play-calling, mistakes, lack of third down, application, or execution. I would recommend, John Lyons--

JIM CRAMER: Sell, sell, sell!

COLIN COWHERD: I know. And that division's up for grabs, right? Aaron Rodgers is out. I think Minnesota's got a better roster and Chicago's got more young talent.

JOHN: OK, here's one that's changed recently. The Kansas City Chiefs.

- Yeah, Kansas City, Monday Night Football, is hosting Denver. I know. You know I love Andy Reid. But here is one thing that they do as well as anybody in the league. Kansas City designs really clever plays. OK? Third-down percentage-- top four in the league. They get first downs. They have pop players-- Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill. John, I would recommend--

JIM CRAMER: Buy, buy, buy!

COLIN COWHERD: Not even a hold. They are going to have a nice month. I may tell you to dump it in four weeks, but this weekend, buy some Kansas City Chief stock.

JOHN: All right, last one. The Oakland Raiders.

- Now, I struggle with this, because Oakland's at Buffalo. One of these is going to be a pretender, and one of these legit after this weekend. Here's the downside of the Raiders. They give up 5.8 yards a play. That is a lot of yards. And I don't like their secondary. And by the way, on third down, it's a coin flip. Third worst team on the league defensively on third down. They don't stop people. You can stay on the field against them. But they've got Derek Carr, and he's magic. And I believe this is the only fourth-place team with a chance to win their division. When I consider all of that--

WOMAN: (CHEERFULLY) Hold, please!

- --it's a hold. Their defense is too vulnerable to tell you, as a broker, to buy their stock. But Derek Carr is so magic, I wouldn't sell it either.