Here’s why Colin is calling Kyrie Irving this generation’s Scottie Pippen

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After examining Kyrie Irving flying solo without LeBron James, Colin Cowherd explains why Kyrie is this generation's Scottie Pippen and should've never left The King's Cavs.

- It is true that Kyrie shoots a better percentage with LeBron, almost 47% in his career, than without LeBron, about 44%. This year his numbers are way down, way down, way down, but it's only a couple of games into the season. Let's not go crazy, criticizing Kyrie Irving this year, yet.

But you know what Kyrie Irving is? He is Scottie Pippen. Life without LeBron and Michael Jordan is different, not just on the court, but off. Kyrie Irving now will get fewer open shots. He'll have to work harder for the ones he gets. He may have to play a few more minutes. He'll be asked, occasionally, to be a better defender.

Oh, after the game, he will always be the first interviewed. The spotlight now, going in and out of games, is on him. People now expect more, he's not a two, he's not a vice president, he's the president. And by the way, Kyrie Irving already showing some signs of anguish and mental fatigue. He is shooting a career low.

And he's already had an incident when a fan walked up, shouted something, and he went viral with a vulgarity, and was fined by the league. It's not the biggest thing in the world, but it's the same thing that happened to Scottie Pippen.

When Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen separate for the first time, Scottie Pippen was still great, still terrific. But M.J. And LeBron handle that number-one baton. They're used to it, it's part of their DNA. They had handled it for 15 years.

When Michael left Scottie Pippen, Scottie was still excellent. The team was still really good. But now Scottie had to always be the first interviewed. Scottie had to take the burden of handling an injured teammate.

Yep, Scottie got a gun charge, remember that? Then Scottie refused to go into a game, that made national headlines. And when they asked him, after the game, about refusing to go into the game, he said, man, quote, "I'm tired of this". Yeah, yeah. Everybody wants to get paid like the man, but you willing to be responsible to be the man?

Michael Jordan and LeBron attract so much attention, it takes the pressure off you. The media's over there with LeBron, the media's over there with Michael. People can say, but Kyrie Irving, you can't blame him Colin, Gordon Hayward got hurt! Oh really? That's interesting. So you mean, Kyrie is now having to deal with an injured teammate, like LeBron did with D-Wade, and Bosh, and sometimes Kyrie, and Kevin Love, now Isaiah Thomas.

Welcome to the wanna-be-the-man club. Shots are tougher, questions are more intense, spotlight is brighter. And when a teammate gets hurt, they don't ask Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. He didn't get asked in Cleveland now, hey, Kevin Love is out. They didn't say, need more from you Kyrie. They said, LeBron, more rebounds. Gordon Hayward is hurt. Sorry Kyrie, shots are harder. You're less open, and you're shooting 37%.

I've said this. Kyrie and Scottie Pippen are both great, with or without the man. But vice president to president isn't just about the office in a cool new pen. It's called responsibility, and it weighs a lot. We're already seeing with Kyrie, shooting percentage down, yelling at fans.

Scottie Pippen, go back, Google it. I refuse to go in. And when they asked him about it, he was as honest as Scottie has ever been. Man, I'm tired of this.

It is so much easier to be the two and want to be paid like the one.