What are the odds that Simmons and Embiid become the new Magic and Kareem?

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Chris Broussard talks 76ers basketball with Colin Cowherd. How much of an impact with the two young stars in Philly have?

- Ben's a better scorer than I thought he would be. I think Philadelphia's got Carson Wentz and Ben Simmons. They got, like, 10 years of special. He is a better scorer in the NBA than I thought he would be.

- Well, remember, he was a good scorer in college. He averaged 19 in college. He can't shoot-- now he cannot shoot outside. But if you watch his form, it's not bad. Like, it's not like Markelle Fultz at the free-throw line. Ben Simmons, when he shoots his jumpers, they look good. They just don't go in. And I mean, even when he's in the gym by himself.

So I think that is fixable, but like you said, he's got everything else. And that's one reason we talked about, I think he's more like Magic Johnson than Ball is, because he can't score. Magic couldn't shoot either, yet he developed a little set shot.

- But there's something to be said about length and size. Magic and Ben are 6' 9 and 1/2". Play the point. I mean, Ben's not a point, but on this team, he ends up with a ball like a point.

- And I tell you what, I think he should be their-- he's just the point guard. Make him the point guard. That has everybody in their roles. The roles will be better defined. Look, I don't want to get ahead of myself. This might sound crazy, but when you look at their positions, and you look at their ability, Ben Simmons-- we've talked about Magic. Joel Embiid, he doesn't play like him, but Kareem. Like, the big point guard and the--

COLIN COWHERD: OK, let's slow down. That's a little much.

- I said it's a little far, but I'm saying, you've got the great point guard in the great center. Watch it in the future.

- Carson Wentz is Joe Montana. Nelson Agholor is Jerry Rice.

- But see, in a few years, everybody be like, Broussard was ahead of the curve.