Colin: ‘Kirk Cousins is oatmeal.’ Here’s why

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Colin Cowherd reacts to Kirk Cousins' loss to Carson Wentz, questioning whether Cousins is the franchise QB the Washington Redskins need or if he is as bland of a player as 'oatmeal'.

- You think last night was about Carson Wentz. But we know he's good. We know he's really good. We know he's nimble. He's fast. And he can run. He can do amazing things. And he's doing a Copperfield, a Houdini. He's escaping from stuff. He's almost hit, then he throws off to the right where he wasn't even looking.

Everybody in the building knows Carson Wentz is really talented. That's why he goes in the first round. We know that.

No, last night was about Kirk Cousins. And I was told something years ago. Kirk Cousins, by the way, is a Honda Civic. A Honda Civic is fine until a Bentley pulls up next to it. A Prelude is wonderful until the Maserati pulls up next to it.

Kirk Cousins, juxtaposed against Carson Wentz for the world to see, is what they call a JAG, Just A Guy. And Carson Wentz is amazing. Watch them individually, and you don't see the gap. Last night, generic vanilla ice cream on display.

Kirk Cousins, now 0-6 on Monday Night Football, 0-9 on weekday games, stand-alone games. And that's where this gets interesting. So Kirk Cousins is either going to stay in Washington, or one of those teams, three or four like San Francisco, is going to sign him and give him a lot of money.

Here's why that game last night is very, very crucial. Because NFL owners do not watch every NFL game. But do you know what games they do watch at home? Monday Night Football. And Kirk Cousins has played in six of them. And he's never won a game.

So that owner doesn't really know much about the NFL other than what he sees. He doesn't do the scouting. He doesn't look at film. But an owner sees Kirk Cousins and his perception is, wow, he's not even average. So if you sign him San Francisco, know that's your owner's perception on him.

I was told this years ago by an NBA owner, or an NBA GM. He said NBA owners don't watch international basketball, and they don't watch college basketball. But NBA owners watch March Madness. Oh, NBA owners absolutely watch March Madness.

So if you get down to player, you'd better make sure that European guy is better than Nick Collison, or a Kansas or a Duke or a Kentucky guy in the tournament. Because if you draft the international guy and he's no good, the owner has watched March Madness. And he'll go, well, gah, even I knew that guy was better.

Monday Night Football, Kirk Cousins is 0 and 6. Owners watch Monday Night Football.

By the way, there again, Kirk Cousins is Andy Dalton. He's fine when you give him Sean McVay, Jay Gruden. Andy Dalton used to have, like, Hugh Jackson. He had Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, a bunch of good players. And they all peeled off. And Andy Dalton's like, meh, Kirk Cousins had Sean McVay. Now, he's with the Rams. Kyle Shanahan now with the 49ers. He had all these receivers, DeSean Jackson.

Now you start peeling away. And what you're left width is 22, 24 and 1 as a starter. You have enough evidence now that Kirk Cousins-- And for the record, he did add stability, winning seasons back-to-back. The Redskins had not done that since 1996 and '97.

Last night was not about Carson Wentz. We know Carson Wentz is a wizard. He's filthy. He's ridiculous. He's better than Andrew Luck. And I really believe that. What last night proved is that oatmeal is fine for breakfast, but you're not winning a Michelin star with it. And Kirk Cousins is oatmeal.