Colin explains why Notre Dame is like the Little Leaguer who has a mustache

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Colin Cowherd talks Notre Dame Fighting Irish after their 49-14 win over the USC Trojans.

When I was a little kid, I played Little League baseball. And there was always that one kid in every league that had a mustache at like 12 years old. He developed before everybody else.

And the kid that developed in my Little League area was-- I'm not going to say his name. But I met him-- I saw him in high school. He had a mustache and he looked like a lumberjack. And then I saw him in college, like six years later. Ran into him, saw his name, and I'm like, did you go to blankety blank? And he goes, yeah.

He was bald and didn't grow. He topped out at 12. He matured very early.

It happened-- every guy listening to me is laughing at the guy that matures early in high school or junior high or 10 or 12 years old. He has a mustache at 12. And then you see him 10 years later and he's never grown and you're a foot taller.

I'm not going to call out the guy in my league. He's a nice guy. I went to college with him. But that's-- this is what Notre Dame is.

Notre Dame's got a senior-dominated team on the offensive line. And they just run. And they're one-dimensional. They're more one-dimensional that I even thought.

Now, I predicted they would blow out USC. Because USC-- Saturday's win did not prove Notre Dame belongs. It proved USC needs to tweak their coaching staff. And I predicted Notre Dame would win, even though I also said they're a one-dimensional team. But what they do, they do exceptionally well.

But a lot of this is age and experience. Notre Dame is seniors all across the offensive line. And in this game-- no excuses, but USC was a banged up mess on their defensive front.

And when they played Georgia earlier this year and it was a close game-- Georgia's full of young players. Georgia's ceiling is much higher. If they played Notre Dame today in Georgia-- let's switch home fields-- Georgia would win going away against Notre Dame.

By the way, Ohio State would beat Notre Dame. Alabama would crush them. Penn State would beat them. Wisconsin would beat them. Clemson would beat them.

Notre Dame-- this is an age thing. They have a senior dominated offensive line. And if you're young, or you're beat up, they don't do multiple things well.

They really do one thing well. They're a running powerhouse. But if you think Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, Wisconsin-- these teams-- are going to lose to a one-dimensional team that can't throw the ball down the field, you're out of your mind.

Georgia's a young team with a new coach. Their ceiling is through the roof. OK? So don't look at Georgia in September and judge Georgia in November and December.

This is as good as Notre Dame's gonna get. What you're watching now, that's as good as they're gonna get. That's as good as that staff is. That's as good as that team is. That's as good as that offensive line is going to be at the college level. They have topped out. This is it.

But Penn State hasn't, and Georgia hasn't. And I don't think Ohio State with that young secondary, young receivers, hasn't. Clemson's young up front. Their ceilings are much higher than Notre Dame.

This is not a shot at Notre Dame. It's not. But it's a senior dominated offensive line in a sport with a lot of 19-year-olds. And what you're watching from Notre Dame-- like, this is their ceiling.

Run first. Run second. They've got nine touchdown passes all year. And they haven't even played the toughest part of their schedule.

They've got 2,300 yards rushing. This is what they do. This is all they do, over and over and over and over.

So they are the little leaguer with a mustache. They look dominant right now. But as they move into the tougher part of their schedule, face better coaches, better teams, they don't have another gear. They just don't.