Colin Cowherd reacts after ‘separation Sunday’ in the NFL

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Colin Cowherd talks NFL after Sunday's Week 7 action. Find out which teams are proving to be real Super Bowl contenders.

- This is the way football seasons-- actually, all seasons work this way. In the baseball season, it doesn't really start until, like, you know, the trading deadline. And in the NBA season, OK, you have the All-Star game, and then it's, like, all right, people. The real coaches and the real players start to emerge.

But in football, it's generally when it gets cold. And we're moving into-- this week's going to be warm, but it's starting to get cooler around the country. The weather is going to change. We're getting into late October and early November. And yesterday, I'm watching the NFL, and it felt like separation Sunday.

Now, there's the surprise teams, and the shocking teams, and the emerging teams, and this young quarterback, and that young quarterback. But watch over the next three months. It'll be a lot of familiar names emerging.

So, yesterday, you look at New England last night, and they made all these acquisitions in the off-season, mostly offensive acquisitions, some defensive acquisitions. It takes them a preseason and about seven games to get rolling. And suddenly, now, Brandin Cooks is dialed in at wide receiver. Gronk is back. The secondary is slowly coming together. They have a young pass rusher emerging. And suddenly, New England's 5 and 2. Brady, Belichick, a field goal from 6 and 1.

And then there is the Seattle Seahawks. They have a young offensive line. They're trying to develop a running game. They bring in a new defensive lineman to the Pacific Northwest. His name is Sheldon Richardson. Suddenly, yesterday, the Seahawks go off a bye, have that extra week-- that bye week to get their act together-- and they allow one sack all day. Total domination over the New York Giants, who were held to under 180 yards.

Russell Wilson, this is what he does, buys time, the duct tape to a poor running game and offensive line. He's had to deal, over the last six, seven years, with a bad running game, a hurt running back, a diva at wide receiver, injuries here. And you'll watch them, and suddenly, Seattle looks really good, again.

How about the Pittsburgh Steelers. Let's shift to them. They had a hold out, did the Pittsburgh Steelers. And then Big Ben had retirement talk. And they have a very young defense, which initially couldn't stop the run. Suddenly, they figure out Le'Veon Bell is going to spearhead this offense. Let's lead it with him. Last two weeks, they have club Kansas City and Cincinnati. The young defensive players are getting better. What do you know?

So now, New England's dialed in. And Seattle's dialed in. And the Steelers running game is dialed in. Let's shift gears to Dallas, who was really good last year and had a great offensive line and a star running back. They've got an anthem controversy. And then, Zeke has his legal issues. And they've got some injuries on the offensive line.

And suddenly, they get a bye week. They get a little healthier. Wow, did they look rested, prepared, and fantastic. And by the way, they have coached up some of these young defensive ends. The Cowboys, my friends, the most impressive thing yesterday was not Ezekiel Elliott. They now have a running-- they now have a pass rush. Yes, they now have a pass rush.

So here we go. Here we go. Look at that Dallas pass rush. It just jumps off the TV big, strong, fast, dynamic, oh, it's the 49ers. 49ers have played everybody to a field goal, and they were just ambushed yesterday. So here we go.

Let's look this morning. Let's look each other in the eye. We don't want to admit it. Here's Belichick, Big Ben, Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, Tomlin, the Dallas offensive line. And you know who went back to reality? The charlatans, the frauds, the phoneys, the September superstars, Trevor Siemian, back to reality.

Tennessee Titans in Tampa Bay, I don't care that Tennessee won. Inconsistent as always. Scam Newton back to being his rollercoaster self. Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan have regressed to the mean. Fakes, tricks, pretenders-- you know the old saying, you can only date a girl so long before you see her without makeup. Well, well, well, well, here we are, late October, same four or five legendary quarterbacks, legendary coaches, Steelers organization, Patriots, Seahawks, and yes, the Dallas Cowboys.

I put my trust as we head into late October and November, not in the Trevor Siemian's, not in the Titans, not in the new Lexus in the block, the cool new front yard, no, no, no, no, no, get me tradition. Get me what has paid me off before. They're all back.