Blazin’ 5: Colin’s picks for 2017-18 NFL Week 7

Colin Cowherd makes his picks for Week 7 of the NFL.

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ANNOUNCER: Let's blaze it up. Fire it up. It's Colin's Blazin' 5. Cardinals versus Rams.

- Rams minus 3.5 in London against Arizona. Two west coasters go abroad. I'll take the Rams minus 3.5. First of all, if the game is close, I get the best special teams in the league LA, kicker punter. Nobody's allowed more big pass plays in the league, 20 plus yards, than Arizona. And the Rams lead the NFL in big pass plays. I also get a defensive line for the Rams, which with Aaron Donald, has its moments where it can be dominating. And you know Carson Palmer has been hit, more than any quarterback in the league. Rams win 34-24.

ANNOUNCER: Ravens at Vikings.

- I don't like giving up points, but I'll take the Vikings minus 5.5 at home against the Ravens. In five of their six games, Minnesota has held their opponent under 20 points. And the Vikings' defense, the most underrated in the NFL, is top five in total defense and scoring defense. Minnesota, I think, wins and dominates most of this game, 28-17.

ANNOUNCER: Panthers at Bears.

- I'll take the Panthers, minus a field goal against the Bears. And I like Chicago, but they're young and they are not ready. This is a quarterback mismatch. I have my issues with Cam Newton. But did you realize Carolina is number three in the league on third down percentage? They move the chains. Meanwhile, Mitch Trubisky-- like him, don't love him-- too young. 48.8% of his passes. That's his completion percentage, at less than six yards a pass. This is a BB gun offense, it's a quarterback mismatch. I'm going to take Carolina to win by 10. 27-17.

ANNOUNCER: Cowboys at 49ers.

- You paying attention to San Francisco? I'll take the six, and the Niners, in a game that's closer than everybody thinks. Over the last four, the Cowboys' defense-- weak. Allowed 11 touchdown passes and forced just one pick. Also, San Francisco's offense-- this is fascinating-- tied for first in the league with the Eagles on 10-play drives. They can play keep away, and they will play keep away. Take the points. I think it's a field goal game, six is too many. Dallas wins 26-24, but I'm taking 49ers in the points.

ANNOUNCER: Falcons at Patriots. Atlanta getting more than a field goal at Foxborough. I'm going to take the Falcons. Listen, everybody moves the ball on New England. And the Falcons, though a dome team, are 9-2 against the spread in their last 11 on the road. And New England, gives up 400 yards plus a game. They don't have a pass rush. Matt Ryan, when he's comfortable, is at his best. You've got to take Atlanta. I'm taking an upset 32-28, Falcons.

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