Ben Simmons will be a better player than Lonzo Ball. Here’s why

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Colin Cowherd details why Ben Simmons will be a better overall player than Lonzo Ball who makes his season debut tonight for the Los Angeles Lakers.

- Lonzo Ball of the Lakers debuts tonight. Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia Sixers-- I watched most of it-- debuted last night. So this is a very interesting time. We've got two stars that are going to be compared to each other a lot, because they're both debuting in the same week, and they both have very similar things going on. They're longer, slender they're sinewy, they're average shooters, they're pass first guys.

All right. So I watched summer league Lonzo and one game of preseason Lonzo. Here's my take away on what you're going to get from Lonzo Ball.

He's not real athletic. He gets tired very quickly, from what I've seen. He has tremendous court vision. OK, that is the upside.

Tremendous court vision, and it is contagious. Much like Steph did to the three point shot, Lonzo will do to passing. He will accelerate passing around his teammates, the Western Conference, and the NBA.

But let's talk about Ben Simmons, who I saw last night. Ben Simmons is a better athlete than Lonzo Ball. He is a stronger athlete than Lonzo Ball. He is a longer athlete than Lonzo Ball. He is a more versatile athlete than Lonzo Ball. He is better at the rim than Lonzo Ball.

He will, in my opinion, be a better player in the NBA than Lonzo Ball. Lonzo will get more attention because he plays for the Lakers, that's understood. Lonzo is in a more glamorous free agent city. He'll eventually probably have better teams. But know that Simmons is more athletic longer, stronger, and more versatile.

I like Lonzo Ball. Ben Simmons is a better player to me, no question. Chris Carter, "First Things First," his thoughts on Lonzo Ball, what he sees so far.

- What I'm concerned about, a number of things. The talent around him.

The coaching staff is very, very young. What do young coaching staff do to young players? They play them a lot of minutes.

So I'm worried about his physical body. I'm worried about him getting injured. I'm worried about his body getting worn out.

COLIN COWHERD: Now for the record, I think Lonzo is going to be an incredible franchise altering player for the Lakers, put that down. He is a clever teammate elevating, conscientious basketball talent. He has an understanding of the court that people at his age do not. He will never be a great shooter, but he could be a better one. But he is not an elite athlete, will generally not be a great closer at the rim, where I think Ben Simmons has a chance to be.

So Lonzo is going to get more attention. The franchise, he's in LA, his goofy dad-- his last name's Ball, for crying out loud. I mean, it just-- it all works.

So Lonzo's going to be the more discussed. I do think Simmons will eventually be the better player. All this, of course, barring injuries. Nobody-- nobody knows what happens there.