Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2017-18 Week 6

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Colin Cowherd has his top 10 NFL teams

NARRATOR: Herd Hierarchy.

- Time is now. Let's go.

NARRATOR: The top 10 NFL teams according to Colin. Number 10--

- The Rams won. I'm going to move them back to 10 because they become very inconsistent on third downs in red zone. But I will say this, they lead the NFL in scoring at 29.5 a game. They're 4-0 when scoring 21 points. And they've got seven different players with multiple sacks. That's the most in the NFL.

So they rush the passer. They also have the best combination of kicker and punter in the league. And they're undefeated when they score 21 points, OK?

I do worry about sometimes [INAUDIBLE] not going to make plays with his feet in the red zone. They've been sporadic. But this is as good a number 10 team as I've ever had in the herd hierarchy. They're probably better than this. But I want one more week with them.

NARRATOR: Number 9--

- Pittsburgh Steelers, again, people like them more than I do. Now, they're tied for the second most sacks in the NFL with 20. That I love. And they've averaged 397 yards over the last three games. That I love.

But they are generally poor on the road, despite what you saw last week. They're not buttoned up. I had the tight end two weeks ago banging on coaches. One of their receivers this week says he wants out. Too much drama despite their talent. I think they're OK at head coach, not great, sloppy, not detailed, Steelers, 9.

NARRATOR: Number 8--

- I love Minnesota. I feel bad for Minnesota. They can't get a break. Stefon Diggs is hurt. Cook, the young rookie running back, Dalvin Cook got hurt. They're on their third quarterback.

Here's what I know, the only team in the NFL ranked top five in third down defense and red zone defense. And despite multiple injuries, they can stop you, they can run the football, they're good at home.

With Case Keenum-- with Case Keenum I think they'll be a playoff team. I really do. Bradford is better. I really like what Minnesota is doing. They just can't get breaks physically, too many injuries.

NARRATOR: Number 7--

- Denver Broncos have lost both games. They've allowed more than 21 points. Bottom line is, Trevor Siemian has limitations. The Giants forced him to beat them and they can't. Now, their defense has allowed the second fewest yards per play in the NFL, meaning not many teams are going to score 21 points on them. They're probably a 9 or 10 win team just on the defense.

NARRATOR: Number 6--

- Carolina is weird. I like Carolina, but Cam's worst three games have been at home. Is it that strange? Great teams usually own that home fortress. Carolina does not. And they've also allowed 10 touchdown passes and had no interceptions over the last four games. So quarterbacks are eating them up. Averaging over the last month 111 passer rating.

I still like their roster. I think they're pretty well-coached. Cam has got to get more consistent. But I've just come to terms, he's not consistent. I still like the Panthers at 6.

NARRATOR: Number 5--

- Shock of the NFL to me is not the Eagles, I liked them. It's the Saints. Their defense has turned into a turnover machine over the last three games reminiscent of the 2009 Super Bowl team. They got nine takeaways in three games. And they have also committed to the running game over this three game winning streak, running the ball 31 times a game.

So they're doing what they generally don't do. They're physical running the football and they're taking the ball away. Last several years they have not done this. This is the surprise in the league, not the Rams. I told you I thought the Rams would double their wins. The Saints are the shock. I got them at five.

NARRATOR: Number 4--

- Listen, New England has got the best quarterback and coach. Now that Aaron Rodgers is out, is it even close? The Patriots have four different players with over 20 catches and 300 yards. That is the most in the NFL. Dorsett and they got in that Jacoby Brisett trade is just now starting to become part of the offense. And I actually love their offense.

They do not have a pass rush. Over time, the best teacher in this league is Bill Belichick. Can they elevate it? Can they coach it up? Probably. I still think it's a top 4 or 5 team in the NFL despite the fact they give up 400 yards total offense in all six games. You can move the ball on this team. They have to become better situationally at defense.

NARRATOR: Number 3--

- Seattle Seahawks have the best red zone defense in the NFL by far. Russell Wilson is the only quarterback in the NFL completing 60% of his throws when pressured. That's a big stack because only Carson Palmer has been pressured more.

Listen, Doug Baldwin is a star receiver. Russell is a star quarterback. I don't love their offensive line. Special teams, defense, coaching, GM, I do like. And they play with a speed and intimidation factor, especially at home that I don't think anybody else on their best days duplicate. And they beat a Rams team in LA despite being outplayed. And the Rams are pretty good.

NARRATOR: Number 2--

- Still like the Chiefs. They're number two in total offense, number two in scoring offense, number four in rushing offense. That's going to be good because Alex Smith, when the weather gets cold and windy, can't throw it down the field like you can now in September or October.

But they are not playing great football defensively. Yeah, Alex Smith completes 72% of his throws. Ding, donk, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, you've got to throw it over the top later in the season to have success. You've got to have more dynamic downfield throws. But I still think coach, quarterback is good enough to win 10, 11, 12 games.

NARRATOR: Number 1--

- I predicted they were a Super Bowl dark horse. I picked them to win the NFC East. At first in the league in third down percentage. That's a great stat. Number one in rushing defense, that is a great stat.

They force you to throw and they can run when they want to run. Third down is a huge stat. It means you're well-coached. It means you've got to push on the offensive line. It means you got a good mobile quarterback generally who can make plays with his feet. And you can run the football on your terms. Philadelphia, one of my dark horses for the Super Bowl, number one right now. Tennessee's close, didn't make the list.