Colin Cowherd’s message to the Big Apple: ‘Aaron Judge is New York’s biggest star, period’

Colin Cowherd says that Yankees' Aaron Judge is the quintessential star athlete in New York City whereas Odell Beckham Jr. is physically fragile and hard to depend on for the New York Giants.

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- There are two cities in America that create stars, New York and LA. Chicago is great. Wasn't Oprah a big star in Chicago for a while?

WOMAN: Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah. Siskel and Ebert, the first huge movie critics in America. Michael Jordan, obviously Chicago. But there's something about watching a game at Yankee Stadium. There is something about Broadway. There is something about New York that just feels bigger.

I'm watching that game last night, it feels bigger. And New York, for all the money and all the glamor, has had a superstar slash star hole in the last decade. It didn't used to be that way. There was Joe Namath.

Oh yeah. Football stars everywhere. You had baseball stars. You had Mattingly, even when the Yankees were bad. It all starts with Babe Ruth. When the Knicks were great, you had Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe.

And then you had, obviously, the New York Giants' Strahan, who was a defensive star. Bill Parcells and Joe Torre were coaching stars. There was a time when New York had nothing but stars. Last 10 years-- Eli is not a lot of star power.

So right now New York has Melo, OBJ, and Aaron Judge. And I never bought into Carmelo. I never bought into Carmelo because I didn't believe he made teammates better.

And I've always said OBJ is too high maintenance for New York. The standard of being a star in New York is simply higher. The standard is higher. Aaron Judge is the star in New York. Period. There is a standard set by Derek Jeter in the last decade.

You're not just great. You're humble. You are dependable physically. And you are dependable emotionally. Odell Beckham is high maintenance. Aaron Judge the opposite. Odell Beckham is highly emotional. Aaron Judge the opposite.

Odell Beckham is small and fragile. Aaron Judge is Paul Bunyan. What you were watching last night is New York's biggest star. And by the way, the Giants look better without Odell Beckham. Do you know that when he has 100 plus yards receiving, the Giants are 7 wins and 12 losses?

The Yankees are never better without Aaron Judge. They are 33 and 14 when he hits a home run. There is a big difference between those two stars-- physically, dependability, leadership, emotionally, and productivity.

And I've always said, if you gave me two stars, I would always take the bigger, stronger athlete. They last longer. And the more emotionally mature athlete. They're easier to build around and play with.

I never bought into Melo. I thought he was hard to play with. Odell Beckham is absolutely gifted, but I can't depend on him emotionally. That last night was a star. We're in football season. Where's Odell Beckham? Physically, he's hard to depend on.

He's small. He's perimeter. He's fragile. And I've always believed that if you want franchise cabbage, then I want franchise leadership, franchise leadership, maturity, and physical dependability.

Aaron Judge, two huge catches. And Aaron Judge with a home run last night. Welcome. Meet New York's biggest star, Aaron Judge.

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