Colin still thinks this one-loss team in the Big Ten has a great shot to win the national title

Colin Cowherd talks Big Ten football and the teams that will be contending for a national title this January.

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- I picked Ohio State to win the National Championship. They had been rolling people for five weeks. They struggled early. So what?

In the NFL, we allow teams to improve. Why in college football with the younger players and more turnover per roster don't we allow teams to improve? It's the dumbest thing sports fans do.

We understand that 28-year-old men get better in September to January, but in college football, if you lose a game in September, you're terrible. You're dealing with 19-year-old kids, first-time starters at the college level.

Ohio State is loaded defensively up front in the box. I said before the start of the year very early, Alabama and Clemson just don't look like anybody else, along with Ohio State's defensive front. Listen, I still have Ohio State winning the National Championship.

I think Alabama, Clemson will also get back in. I'm not going to predict Heisman, and I'm not going to predict who gets into the Final Four. We're halfway through the season.

But I've been saying, 'Bama and Clemson look different, physically, and Ohio State's defensive front is incredible. It is NFL speed, size, length, agility. It's fantastic.

And they're not a profound passing offense. Who is? Clemson's quarterback's hurt. I mean, Washington moves the ball, but they struggled to get first downs this weekend. Sam Donald's the best quarterback in college football, maybe, and Josh Rosen, and both have had their struggles this year.

So we just take a deep breath. The Big 10 is the best overall conference. It may not have the best team, but I can go four deep to the Big 10, and I get Michigan. That's the fourth-best team in that conference? What's the fourth best team right now in the SEC? LSU? They lost at home to Troy. ACC? Uh, I don't know if they have one. Syracuse? Uh.

So I think Ohio State looks the part. I think the eyeball test in college matters. I picked them for the National Title for three reasons. They've got the best game coach in the sport. They are ticked off after they lost last year and were embarrassed. And the defensive front will keep them in every single game they play. Just let college kids-- let them make mistakes. Let them make mistakes.

I'll still take Ohio State in the playoff. Then we'll see who's healthy, how it matches up, who they played before, see their momentum. But the conference, as a whole, is loaded.

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