Colin Cowherd reacts to Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone

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Colin Cowherd details why Aaron Rodgers season- ending broken collarbone will be detrimental for the Green Bay Packers.

COLIN COWHERD: So Aaron Rodgers' broken collarbone. He's broken it before. The other one. You know, he goes down, my first thought is do we have our next Tony Romo.

He's not a real big guy. He's 6'2", barely. He's 220 pounds. Second time a collar bone being broken. He is a guy that has had average to good to not so good offensive lines.

They never have a running back. The team depends on him. Got it. Sounds like Tony Romo, does it not?

And I'm hearing everybody say that now he's gone, go get Tony Romo. I got this well-sourced, folks. Tony Romo is not going back to the NFL. He knows he's making a fortune with CBS. He's better than I thought he would be as a broadcaster.

Tony Romo told people at the agency which represents him, six months ago, If I leave, Peyton Manning will step in and get that job. I know it. You know it. Why go have a 300 pounder land on me? Tony Romo's not going back to the NFL.

Brett Favre is not going back to the NFL. And the Patriots are not trading Jimmy Garoppolo. Season over for Green Bay.

And it should not be really, but they have not surrounded Aaron Rodgers with talent. And this has been my primary complaint the last several years. Chicago's got a rookie quarterback, Detroit's Detroit, and Minnesota is on their third quarterback, and yet the season is over for Green Bay and it should not be.

And I'm hearing everybody say hey, hey, you can't give up on the season. You got to go give up blank to get blank at quarterback. What? This roster is not good enough to give up anything. You do not give up draft picks. You do not give up players.

OK, it made sense last year for Minnesota when they lost Teddy Bridgewater, because they had a running game, and they had a great defense. And they've got a better roster and they have for years, even with Bradford banged up, even with Case Keenum. They're able to win games. You're going to see how average the surrounding cast is for Green Bay.

Oh, but they have Jordy Nelson, who's always dinged up. And by the way, I don't know if it's bratwurst and cheese, maybe that makes you injury prone, but once again, Green Bay's limping roster had six injuries yesterday. Three corners got hurt, a safety and both tackles. Maybe it's the bratwurst, I can't figure it out. Or the domestic beer, no idea.

But again, this is why I've been preaching. You do not go from Favre to Aaron Rogers. That's like going from Kobe to LeBron. That's like going from MJ to Kobe. You never get great players after great players.

Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning virtually never happens. So you owe it to Aaron Rodgers to get him a defense. Yes, if I was a team like Philly, Carolina, Houston, Kansas City, Denver, Minnesota, where I love the roster. Where I thought, you know what, I'm going to give up a draft pick or third best corner to bring in a quarterback that can win games like Sam Bradford.

Again, Philly's got a loaded roster. So does Kansas City. So does Houston. I like Carolina's roster. I like Denver's roster, despite what you saw last night.

But if there was an expansion draft-- we saw one of these in the NFL this year-- where you can protect your roster-- they did this in hockey. Whenever there's an expansion team they have an expansion draft, where you can protect some of your players and not other players to allow the expansion team to go to every team and pick players. If you had an expansion draft, who would anybody want from the Packers outside of wide receiver Davante Adams, young corner Kevin King, ha, ha, Clinton Dix at safety, and Mike Daniels? Four guys anybody would want. That's it on the entire roster.

And this shouldn't be season over. Chicago's got a rookie quarterback, Detroit's Detroit, and Minnesota is on Case Keenum. This should not be a death sentence. It shouldn't be.

We've seen Houston get into the playoffs without a quarterback, without anybody. This shouldn't be the end of the season. But Green Bay can't afford to trade anybody or give up draft picks, because they don't have that much talent and they're not an attractive free agent market.