Colin explains why this year’s Cavaliers are going to be like a swap meet

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers going into this year's NBA season.

- Cleveland's going to be very interesting. Again, Cleveland's got a ton of talent. But they are like a Swap Meet. You ever gone to a Swap Meet and you got a beautiful chandelier, then a cheap toaster oven, and then a velvet painting of dogs playing poker? You're like, none of this stuff fits. You know, if you go to Best Buy, oh, it's electronics.

Or if you go to Dick's Sporting Goods, oh, it's sporting goods. If you go to a Swap Meet, it's toaster ovens and you know, chandeliers. Nothing fits. Cleveland's roster is a bunch of egos, guys who can't shoot threes-- their best three point shooter is a center, Kevin Love. It is a Swap Meet. And by the way, you can find great things at Swap Meets. And some people antique, and they Swap Meet, and they decorate their house.

But you got LeBron James, best player in the league. Isaiah Thomas won't play the first half. Kevin Love was just told by LeBron he'll be playing center, and he's your best shooter. Dwayne Wade's old and rickety, but he's Lebron's best friend. Derrick Rose and LeBron I never thought were close. He sort of sometimes doesn't have great self awareness, but he can still play. Tristan Thompson, who can't shoot and is dating or marrying a Kardashian.

Kyle Korver off the bench, Jae Crowder just played for a rival, and JR Smith is apparently reportedly mad today, because he doesn't like the way his playing time has going to be eroding. That's a lot of dysfunction. Like, that talent is-- there's a lot of talent. But Cleveland, there is a chance-- by the way, I didn't even mention, you got that whole, hey, is LeBron going to stay here? That thing's hanging over the team.

So I just think Cleveland's going to be a little bit of a s-- and then you add the social media component, where it seems like little stories become big stories. And a little controversy becomes a big controversy. In NBA teams, more than any other league, they're all on Instagram and social media. I think the Cavs, on sheer talent, will win a bunch of games.

But don't kid yourself. Boston is going to be way more functional, have way better chemistry, and will get better as the year progresses. That I guarantee you. Cleveland has a bunch of talent, but they could go off a cliff, and there could be backbiting and D Wade and JR, and they could be a total mess. At the All-Star break, they may have to make a trade because nobody gets along.