Colin does not have high hopes for the 76ers this season

Colin Cowherd talks 76ers. Find out what he expects from Philly this year in the NBA.

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- Zero NBA general managers, according to this story, have picked Markelle Fultz of the Sixers as Rookie of the Year, none. I said before I didn't see him as the number one pick, although I think he'll be a good player. So over and unders, Lonzo Ball got 62% of the votes, Ben Simmons, 24, Dennis Smith, seven. He's very athletic, Dennis Smith, for the Mavs, and nobody picked Markelle Fultz.

So over and unders in Vegas, how many games are you going to win? And generally, I take the under, but they're usually very close. The over-under on the Philadelphia 76ers is 40 games. This team ain't winning 40 games, even in the miserable East.

By the way, Markelle Fultz, 2 for 13 last night, Ben Simmons, 2 for 8. Simmons can't shoot, although he's a tremendous young player. They have one pure shooter on the roster, JJ Redick, in the twilight of his career. And he won't get any open shots because everybody knows he's the only shooter on the roster.

The last four years, Philadelphia's won 19, 18, 10, and 28. And they're going to jump to like 40, 41 wins? Look at the age of the roster. It's kids.

I don't even get it. They have one old pure shooter. They have two often-injured big men. They have several kids and virtually no chemistry because they keep turning over this roster.

Jahlil Okafor is 21. They want to get rid of him. And Joel Embiid is a riot on Twitter and really good, but he played restricted minutes last year, and he's never proven he can play big minutes and stay healthy. I don't get it.

Dario Saric, people like but, again, he's a kid. Like, I don't understand it. This is a-- by the way, if this was in the Western Conference, this would be an atrocious roster.

It's not as good as the Laker roster, and they've got the Lakers at 33 in the West over-under. So is the East that bad that people think this is going to be a 0.500 team? Remember that video we showed last week, Christine?

CHRISTINE: Yeah, we're showing it again right now. Miss, miss, miss.

- 13 straight shots, nobody hit.


- If it was high school, you'd be like, that team can't shoot. Markelle Fultz will probably be the second-best shooter on the team. He's 19 years old. I mean, you just look at this roster, it's just-- they make the Lakers, you know, look like the Cavaliers.

Like, they're young. And nothing against JJ Redick, but it's a one-year deal. He's not going to be there forever. It's kind of a-- they just needed a shooter.

Like, I don't get that number. I know Philadelphia thinks I'm picking on it this week. Like, I do not get that 41 wins.

Honestly, if they were in the West, would they be over-under 21, 22? That's just got to be how bad the East is. That's a bad roster, two often-hurt centers, one pure shooter, and two kids.

And Ben Simmons, the knock on him-- I think he's really talented-- but Ben Simmons is not a shooter. He's not really a scorer. He's a Lonzo Ball without the offense, like he is really a passing small forward.

I don't know how they're going to use him point forward. You know, I like him a lot. But he's not a shooter.

He doesn't even-- he doesn't have-- it's just-- he's not going to be a huge scorer in this league. He may score 18 a game, but he won't be a dominant scorer. He won't be.