All the reasons why the Warriors are not a lock to make the NBA Finals this season

Nick Wright talks Golden State Warriors. Hear what he thinks about the team going into the upcoming NBA season.

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- All right. Colin, you've been following the MBA long enough. Prior to LeBron making seven straight finals, it was a given that making four straight finals is darn near impossible in this league, since Russell's Celtics. Here's who's made four straight finals. Magic did it once. Larry did it once. And this run, LeBron is on.

Kobe never did it. Shaq never did it. Michael never did it. Akim-- pick your favorite player. If I didn't list them, they didn't do it. And it's not because those teams stopped being good. The Lakers won three straight titles, then missed the finals, and then went back to the finals the following year.

The Lakers, when they had Wilt and Elgin, went to three straight finals, then missed the finals, and then went back the following two years. The season's get long. The injury luck creeps up on you. The idea that the Warriors, in this much improved Western Conference, after three consecutive 100 game seasons and three consecutive seasons, where they have been, the two years they won the title, incredibly lucky injury-wise and their opponents in the post-season incredibly unlucky-- let's not forget that the first year the Warriors won the title, every single team they faced was without their starting point guard.

COLIN: True.

- Last year, when they won the title, in the first round, Portland doesn't have Nurkic. In the second round, Utah doesn't have Gobert. In the third round, San Antonio doesn't have Kawhi. Now you think they likely win those series even if those teams are fully healthy? But they're not four, four, four game sweeps.

So for all those reasons, the idea that we're just penciling in and not even penciling in-- sharpie-ing in the Warriors into the finals for a fourth straight year when history says it's harder than that, when their two best players do have an injury history, it just strikes me as people need to pump the brakes on it a little bit, especially when-- I know you probably don't love the fit in Houston, but the Rockets have two top eight players. The Thunder have to top 12 players. Those teams got better.

So I'm just not ready to write off this season the way it seems like every NBA general manager is.