Listen up Sam Darnold!

Some sage advice for USC QB Sam Darnold from Colin Cowherd.

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If you look right now, this weekend, Colts-Niners, if the Niners do not win this game-- this is one of their last winnable games-- San Francisco-- and this is one of the last winnable games for Cleveland-- they're going to have the top pick.

And I'll tell you this and I'll be totally upfront, if Sam Darnold was on the fence and Cleveland had the number one pick, and I talked to him, I would tell him, stay in school. This is an organization that passed on Carson Wentz, traded down, and passed on Deshaun Watson, and traded up to get Johnny Manziel. They don't know what they're doing. I would never tell my own son, go work for a really bad company that makes terrible PR decisions and personnel moves.

Now if San Francisco was the number one pick, play in California, Kyle Shanahan, an organization with a history of being relevant, I would tell Sam Darnold, go talk to your parents. You should go talk to your parents about that one. You guys go make a decision, but that's a long, interesting talk. Cleveland, stay in school.

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