Colin Cowherd explains how LeBron James is the Hugh Hefner of the NBA

Colin Cowherd explains how LeBron James and Hugh Hefner compare.

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COLIN COWHERD: An American icon died last night. His name was Hugh Hefner. He was iconic and a maverick. And he was the LeBron James of sex. I'll get to that in a second because they have a lot in common.

Hugh Hefner was a big First Amendment person. During the Civil Rights era, at Playboy, he hired black writers. He was a smart man, who was willing to deconstruct the dominant ideology of his time. The don't-get-it crowd is wrong on everything. The don't-get-it crowd was the first group of people to run to social media and say player mobility is bad. Really, yeah, NBA Final last year, highest in 20 years.

Hugh Hefner supported gay marriage when nobody else would talk about it. Hugh Hefner had one of my favorite quotes of all time, "Life is too short to live somebody else's dream." That's exactly what LeBron did. And the don't-get-it crowd never ever thought Hugh Hefner was appropriate. And the don't-get-it crowd has been complaining about LeBron James.

History will be very kind, my friends, to Hugh Hefner and LeBron. They were right on social issues, right on inclusion, and right on empowerment. They challenged dominant ideologies, wrong guy was wrong on Hefner. He was a prude. And wrong guy whiffed on player mobility and LeBron.

All the great advancements in America, media, technology, socially, and sports are people that challenge ideology. Hefner said, it's sex. What are you afraid of? LeBron said, players deserve more power. What are you afraid of? In so many ways, do a little research, don't be a prude, look up how far ahead of his time Hugh Hefner was.