Millennials vs ‘Older People’ – Who ya got?

Colin Cowherd talks Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and the NBA. Should NBA teams build around veterans?

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- Everybody loves young people! Young people are smart. They're progressive. They're creating apps.

I'm an old guy. I just like eating apps, right before an entree, couple of them. Young people though they know where the world's going. Old fuddy duddy-- Young people listen to cooler music. Old people are nothing!

I'm going to support older people for the next five minutes. I know you will not like this millennials. But LeBron James and now Dwayne Wade play together. I thought LeBron James made a great point about veteran Dwayne Wade. This is a really funny analogy, listen.

- I'm happy that we were able to keep him away from everybody else. It's the guy. Come on, man, it's one of my best friends so-- It's kind of like when you start school, and you walk into the classroom not quite sure who your classmates are. And when you walk in there, one of you're best friends is in there. You're like, oh, yeah, this is going to be fun.


It's going to be a good class, so, it's something like that.

- Jaylen Brown for the Boston Celtics turns 21 in a month. Dwayne Wade's played in 172 NBA playoff games, two seasons worth. Let me ask you, millennials. Seven minutes to go, game 6 Eastern Conference finals, who you got? Cause I got D-Wade.

Hey Jalen Browns got a YouTube channel. D-Wade lived on a channel in Miami, parked next to a yacht, with multiple rings. Let me ask you. Is there a hot new analytic GM in the NBA you're really into?

I'll take 46-year-old Daryl Morey of Houston, 56-year-old RC Buford of San Antonio, or Bob Myers of the Warriors, an agent for 14 years who played basketball at a high level. You take that 33-year-old GM. He's a hot shot. The analytics crowd loves him.

This is why I'm down on draft picks. Seven minutes to go in a big game, I'll take the veteran. Thirty two picks every year in the NBA draft, freaking six can play.

I know millennials are cool. Jayson Tatum is 19, Jae Crowder's 27. Loose ball, game 6, getting on the floor for it, brah. Who comes up with it? Not the kid.

Half these NBA guys like Jayson Tatum can't even get a beer at the Ritz Carlton they're staying the night at. By the way, the last two can't miss college players, Anthony Davis and Andrew Wiggins. The last two great, can't miss guys.

Eight years in the NBA combined, never won a playoff. Game! Not a series. You're talking about practice? They haven't won a game in the playoffs.

Steph Curry, first three years in the league, bagel. Bagel. Didn't get to the playoffs.

By the way, I know all those Silicon Valley hipsters. You know how old CEO Tim Cook is, who runs apple? 56. Jeff Bezos runs retail in America. He is 53.

You knock yourself out girl at the register who's 21 making summer money. Microsoft Bill Gates 61. Michael Dell 52.

I see these networks doing sports hiring people like 24 years old. How many NFL coaches, how many NBA GM's you got there on your iPhone 9? Look at politics in America. Look at the leading political voices.

Anderson Cooper is young and cool! He's 50, brah. Tucker Carlson 48. Rachel Maddow, she's mid-forties. Howard Stern in his 60s.

At my old place, the two guys who have the best research-- I know who they are. Stephen A Smith turns 50 in two weeks. Scott Van Pelt is 51. Knock yourself out with those new shows with the hip, smart 29-year-olds.

By the way, Sully-- Sully's 28 years old, he hits the George Washington Bridge. Sully's 60, he lands that plane.

I'll take Daryl Morey. I'll take RC Buford. I'll take Dwayne Wade. I'll take Tim Cook at Apple.

You go make a new app. I'll be eaten one at Morton's. You hang out at sizzler with the millennials.

Wisdom matters. Toughness matters. Age matters. Been there matters. Done that matters.

Jaylen Brown can't shoot. D-Wade has more rings in his trophy room than Jaylen Brown has hit jumpers that matter in a playoff game. Jaylen Brown has a YouTube channel. D-Wade lived on a channel.

I'll take wisdom. I'll take Tim Cook. I'll take Bill Gates. I'll take Rachel Maddow. I'll take Tucker Carlson.

I'll take the veteran. By the way, a lot of people don't know this, Wolf Blitzer is 174 years old. A lot of people don't know that.