Greg Jennings on Dez Bryant: ‘He just doesn’t cut it for me’

Greg Jennings on if Dez Bryant is past his prime.

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- But he just doesn't cut it for me. When you look at what the Dallas Cowboys do, they can do it without 88. They can flat out be successful without 88 out there. And the reason why I've completely jumped off the Dez Bryant train, if you will, is simply, his suddenness is not present. I don't see him being sudden off the line of scrimmage. He doesn't create separation.

HOST: None.

- And he doesn't even-- he doesn't even use release moves off the line, like, it's, that's--

HOST: Now, explain that to me.

- So what I mean by that is just simple hand swipes, getting skinny. He just exposes his chest, which is an absolute no-no when you're a receiver.

HOST: So his details are awful.

- His detail-- they're nonexistent, they're nonexistent. So when we look at last year and everyone was talking to Dak Prescott, pointing at Dak Prescott, saying, well, what's up with Dez? Why aren't you getting Dez the ball? And he's like, look, I'll get the ball to him if he's open. I'll give the ball to anybody who's open. I watched last night. Dez Bryant creates zero separation.

HOST: He's just a guy.

- He's a guy. He's a guy who can-- now with the ball in his hand--

HOST: He's a big body.

- He's a big body, he can do some special things with the ball in his hand.

HOST: Put his head down, run over you--

- But, as a skill-position guy, and being one of the higher-paid guys at that position, nope. Done.


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