Colin Cowherd thinks these current NFL QB’s are two of the greatest of all time

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Colin Cowherd says that these current quarterbacks are two of the greatest of all time. Watch to find out who they are.

- We think of football as parity, and anybody can win. But just think about yesterday. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was a remarkable football game. I mean, it was an all-time day. That 1 o'clock window, that 10 AM Pacific window, may have been the best three and 1/2 hours of football in several years.

And we think football's going to change, and we bet like it's going to change. And we play fantasy football like it's going to change, and we go to the games like it's going to change. But think of what happened yesterday in the NFL.

Cleveland is still 0 and 3. The Lions invented another way to lose. Pittsburgh was back on the road. Flacco, once again, not elite.

The Chargers figure another way to lose close. Cam struggles. OBJ was amazing, yet the Giants lose. And Brady and Rodgers separate from the pack.

It is-- think about how many things went wrong for Green Bay. They had a pick-six. They were sacked six times. They had no running game. They trailed 21-7 at half.

They didn't have their left tackle, their right tackle, their best defensive tackle. They had a rookie covering A. J. Green. And they won.

And think about New England. Brady was sacked five times. Brady lost a fumble that was recovered and taken for a touchdown. The Patriots missed their right tackle.

Houston out-gained New England. Houston won time of possession easily. Houston had more first Downs. And New England wins.

Rodgers and Brady are the deodorants of the NFL. They're the incense. All Green Bay and New England were yesterday was flawed-- mistakes, sacks, missing tackles, getting into holes.

But a great quarterback allows you-- and we've never, in my life, had a quarterback like Brady. We've never seen one like Brady. At 40 years old, that last drive was the best I've ever seen him. That's as good as I've seen Brady, against a crushing pass rush with stars on the defense.

I've never seen a game in which Green Bay was outplayed for two and 1/2 of the three and 1/2 hours at home. When anybody says, I can't believe he gave up six draft picks for that star quarterback. Yesterday, Rodgers and Brady, that is why.

New England was out-gained, and out-played, and out-physicaled. So was Green Bay for most of the afternoon. And arguably the two greatest quarterbacks I've ever seen play-- hey, Aaron Rodgers is up there; don't kid yourself-- overcame all of it. Deodorant, incense-- they take away all that smell.

Both New England and Green Bay should have lost yesterday. Both Green Bay and New England were dominated for long stretches. Neither played well. Both missing tackles and stars. But the two greatest quarterbacks maybe I've ever seen overcame all of it.