Brian Kelly fighting for his job against Michigan State? Colin explains why it’s a “phone-call game”

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Colin Cowherd talks Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish ahead of this weekend's game against Michigan State.

- Brian Kelly is coming off his worst year, 4 and 8. He just had an ugly confrontation with the media. They've turned on him. Half the stadium against Georgia was Georgia fans. The fans are turning on him. And when the fans and the media turn on you-- and they have-- will pounce the minute you appear vulnerable. Brian Kelly, last 6 big Notre Dame games-- and remember how the regents, how the boosters at Notre Dame see themselves is somewhat delusional.

They are 0 for their last 6 in big games. Georgia was a big game. USC last year, Michigan State, Texas, Ohio State in the Fiesta, and the game before that, Stanford. Stanford game, USC game, Ohio State game, Michigan State game, those games matter. Those games matter to the boosters, to the money crowd. He's 0 for his last 6. I know they always say, every game is a big game. It's a cliche. No, they're not. He loses here, I honestly believe it's a phone call game.