Greg Cosell on Cam Newton: He isn’t a refined pocket-passer

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Greg Cosell explains why Cam isn't as good in the pocket to Colin Cowherd.

- I've always been a little bit of a cynic on Cam Newton. I don't know if he can be a great pocket passer, and I saw a stat recently that said, last year, he was last in the NFL at hitting running backs out of the backfield. And this weekend, he had Christian McCaffrey wide open on just a little-- a pass that 99% of quarterbacks, college or pro, would make without thought.

And he whiffed on it. Sailed it over McCaffrey's head. And you know, it's interesting, I saw that stat about Cam's very poor at throwing to running backs.

And my first takeaway was, let me guess here. He's got a cannon. He's a home run hitter. You can't ask him to bunt and move runners across. And maybe that on shorter routes Cam's just not built for that.

When you look at Cam because, right now, he's kind of struggling with the accuracy, is it a new Cam? A different Cam? Are they trying new things? Where is Cam currently at?

- I think you can't change the way a guy throws, Colin. He's a power thrower. He's not a touch and pace thrower. So he's not going to be efficient with his ball placement in the short passing game on throws that require touch and pace.

And he's still somewhat unrefined in many ways. When you talk about timing and anticipation in the pocket, he's not that kind of quarterback. So he's a quarterback that doesn't necessarily help his pass protection because he's not really a timing player. So he can make big time throws, and they'll be many of those during the season, but he's not consistent in his ability to make all the throws.

- Yeah, I mean, I think the word you said. He is still an unrefined quarterback, all these years in the league--

- As a pocket player.

- As a pocket passer. He's just-- I mean, you watch him, and he misses on stuff that seems rudimentary.