Colin Cowherd theorizes about what would happen if LeBron bolted for Los Angeles

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James. What would happen if he joined the Los Angeles Lakers?

- Do you realize how this will fundamentally change the American media and sports? First of all, the Eastern Conference will be so dominated by Boston that I can assure you, the television networks TNT and ESPN that have the NBA will go to Adam Silver and say, we're not spending $1.4 billion a year and every other year getting stuck with the Eastern Conference. We will go to a 1 through 16 playoff seeding, regardless of conference. That's what will happen if LeBron goes to the Lakers.

Think about it. Outside of the Greek Freak and Kyrie Irving, your top 15 stars in the NBA will all be west. LeBron, Steph, KD, Westbrook, Blake, CP3, Harden, Kawhi, Lonzo-- didn't say great, said a star. Lillard, Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony Towns, Boogie Cousins, Paul George all in the West. These networks are not going to spend $1.5 billion annually to get the Eastern Conference, where the Greek Freak and Kyrie Irving are really the only two marketable stars. Don't tell me John Wall. They don't sell out games in DC. He's not big in DC. Bryce Harper's probably bigger. The football team is definitely bigger.

The second thing that will happen if LeBron goes to the Lakers, the Lakers and the Celtics will be two of the three most popular teams in the NBA. They will largely recapture the league. For years and years, as a kid growing up, the Celtics, Lakers owned the league, either both simultaneously, for the Celtics in the 60s, then the Lakers got great in the 70s, and then it was both in the 80s. They'll recapture the league. They're young, and both have a very long tail. And the other thing that's going to happen, the Lakers-Warriors will become the biggest rivalry in American sports. You'll literally have-- let's be honest-- LeBron, Lonzo, Paul George, Steph Curry, KD, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, the former warrior Luke Walton coaching the Lakers.