Colin and Kristine react to the Houston Rockets selling for $2.2 billion

Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy discuss the sale of the Houston Rockets to Tilman Fertitta for $2.2 billion.

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KOLIN: So, you were talking this morning about how this story does not interest you and a lot of people, but I have a little addition that might change that. So the Houston Rockets were sold to Tilman Fertitta.

KOLIN: Yeah, he's got that TV show.

- Yes. For apparently about $2.2 billion. Houston is his hometown. And that was very interesting to you. But what about this? He also happens to own the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. I don't know what that is. Do you?

KOLIN: Yeah, Golden Nugget's-- I had no idea he was from Houston. He's from Houston?

- Yes, that's his hometown.

KOLIN: I thought he was from Vegas.

- Well, he owns the Golden Nugget, so maybe that's why you would confuse it. I've never been to the Golden Nugget, but apparently--

KOLIN: I have.

- It's a hotel and casino. So--

KOLIN: Yeah. Golden Nugget used to be the nicest place downtown. It was Steve Wynn's place.

- Really?

- Had really good food. Yeah.

- Where is it?

- Golden Nugget's downtown by the 4 Queens and by the downtown old horse shoe.

- The 4 queens?

- Yeah, that's the old Vegas.

- What do you mean downtown?

- Like downtown Vegas.

- So it's not on the strip?

- No, you're young. You'd go to the hip places.

- Wait, where is downtown?

- Downtown is the place you would never go. It's hard scrabble. It's for--

- Is it by, like, the palms? Like, that's off the strip.

- No. Downtown's the other part. So you don't even know this, do you?

- Wait, wait, wait.

KRISTINE: Well, when you fly in on--

- So when there's like the strip, how far away is downtown?

- About 10 miles down the strip.

- No way.

- They're testing-- they're testing stuff down there with Area 51 and--

- What else is over there?

- I'll tell you what. That's where people who have lived my kind of life, hardscrabble, that's where they go gamble.

- OK.

- That's not-- none of that glamored the Wynn and Encore and Mirage and-- you go down to the 4 Queens and the Horseshoe and the Golden Nugget.

- No, thanks. I'm good on the strip. But thank you. Anyways, because he owns the Golden Nugget, you will not be able to bet on Rockets games at the Golden Nugget.

- Oh, that's interesting.

- See? I found something interesting.

- Oh, that is kind of interesting. Yeah, the Fertitta family is very prominent in Las Vegas. They bought the UFC, and they own the--

- Oh that, OK.

- And they own the station casinos, which is Palace Station, I think it was-- there's a bunch of them. Sam's Town was one of them. So when I was-- that's actually where I would go. The Fertitta-- you know, a lot of people went to Caesar's. I would go to Palace Station in Sam's Town because they always had reasonably priced food and good sports books. So that's where-- those are the places I always hung out at.

- That's an interesting combination, then. If you have a sports book to also be getting yourselves involved heavily in sports.

- Yeah, they're a very good family. They've given a lot to charity, They're very--

KRISTINE: Well, right, but how can-- I mean, you're kind of hurting your sports book business.

- I think sports books and sports should be in business together, frankly. I think England's got it right.

- That would be much corruption.

- Oh, it would not. That is so ridiculous. I don't think-- I've got to tell you something. Sports books make 2, 3% margins. They don't want fraud, because they barely make a living now. You-- you're one of these people that thinks gamblers are evil.

- No, it's-- no, I'm not. My grandmother bets $70 in the lotto every day, and I love her.

- That's called a problem, actually.

- No, it's not. You know, her reason is, she's never smoked cigarettes her whole life, so this is the thing she does.

KRISTINE: Your grandma's a gambler?

- Oh, yeah. Huge gambler. She wanted-- she had me buying scratch off tickets when I was like 10. Every time.

- I love that. Something-- learn something about you every day.

- Hey.

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